What are the 'Focused' and 'Other' tabs in my inbox?

Your Inbox is now split into two tabs Focused and Other:

The Focused tab includes messages from:

  • Members you’ve had an ongoing conversation with
  • Members within your Match Criteria
  • Members you've added to your Favourites

The Other tab includes messages from:

  • Members who are outside of your match criteria but who you have still chosen to receive winks and messages from in your Contact Filter settings
  • Members whose member type (gender) is within your Match Criteria but their age does not match
  • Members whose conversations/messages you’ve chosen to ignore (explained below)

Your Contact Filter has already been enabled based on your Match Criteria. Any members who don’t meet the above criteria will not be able to wink or message you unless you choose to edit your Contact Filter settings or Match Criteria.

You can update your settings by going to Account Settings > Contact Filters.