Apple Support for Video Chat


Apple's Safari browser has supported WebRTC and therefore is capable of supporting Gay Match Maker’s new Video Chat since Safari 11.

Safari 11 was shipped with IOS 11 and MacOsX 10.13 in 2018.

Chrome, Firefox and others

Other IOS browsers like Chrome for IOS, Firefox and Puffin do NOT have full access to the capabilities of Safari and DO NOT support WebRTC and do not work with the  Video Chat.

Until Apple changes this policy you MUST use Full-blown Safari under IOS to access the Video Chat.

Matrix of Compatible Devices (can be upgraded to iOS 11)



iPod Touch

iPhone X

12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation)        

iPod touch (7th generation)

iPhone 8

12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st generation)

iPod touch (6th generation)

iPhone 8 Plus     

iPad Pro (10.5-inch)


iPhone  7

iPad Pro (9.7-inch)


iPhone 7 Plus

iPad Air 2


iPhone 6s

iPad Air


iPhone 6s Plus 

iPad (6th generation)


iPhone 6

iPad (5th generation)


iPhone 6 Plus

iPad mini 4


iPhone  SE

iPad mini 3


iPhone 5s

iPad mini 2


How to Identify your iPhone

How to Identify your iPad

How to identify your iPod Touch

Android support for Video Chat

On Android devices the and browser application and operating system are not tied together, so you can upgrade the browser on any version of Android.

All Android devices should be capable of upgrading their Chrome, Samsung or Firefox browser to the latest version.


The Chrome browser for Android is based on Chromium has been WebRTC compatible since 2013.

Samsung Browser (Internet)

The Samsung browser for Android (Internet) is based on Chromium is WebRTC compatible.

Firefox and others

The Firefox browser for Android has been WebRTC compatible since 2013.

Most other browsers will be based on Chromium and also be compatible in thier latest version.

Windows Phone support for Video Chat

Windows phones do not support WebRTC and therefore Video Chat

Blackberry support for Video Chat

Blackberry phones running the Blackberry OS do not support WebRTC and therefore Video Chat.

Later Blackberry phones, post 2017, running Android should support the Chrome browser and should work fine.