Chat Room Guidelines & Terms of Use

General guidelines:

Our chat rooms are designed for mature adults to meet and engage in steamy live conversations from the comfort of their own home or mobile device. Please be aware that you may be exposed to explicit content, images and live videos during the course of using the chat rooms.

The chat rooms are designed to be a fun and exciting platform for our members to come together, chat and explore a real life meet up.

  • Please act respectfully in voicing your opinions and respect those of other members, even if you do not agree with them
  • Please only report members if you believe they are in breach of Terms of Use
  • Please block members who you do not get along with
  • Have fun!

Terms of use:

These terms should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Use of this site:

  • All members must be over 18
  • We do not tolerate any form of bullying or comments that portray a negative stereotype or prejudice about someone's race or ethnicity, someone's gender or sexual orientation, sexism or other forms of bigotry.
  • Defamatory comments or whispers may result in either a chat room ban or a permanent ban from the site.
  • Post only legal and non-objectionable content
  • No content depicting minors (under 18 years of age) in any capacity including on cam, whether real or fictional
  • Do not share any contact information or personally identifiable information, whether it is yours or belongs to someone else aka doxing, or your account will be banned
  • Do not record or broadcast content obtained from the chat room, except for the purpose of reporting abuse to the Support Team
  • Do not share content you do not own, such as privately owned media of another person (photographs, private message logs, etc.)
  • Do not harass other members, moderators, or members of the Support Team
  • Circumventing a member’s attempts to block, ignore, or otherwise prevent you from contacting them constitutes harassment
  • Do not share chat logs, whispers, copies, or screenshots of private conversations or media sent to you by other members that were originally shared with the expectation of privacy
  • Do not share links to other dating sites
  • Do not impersonate any other person, including members of this service, moderators, or the Support Team
  • Do not spam or flood
  • No content depicting bestiality, incest, rape, violence, or gore
  • Do not hack, or otherwise attack or disrupt the service of a member’s ability to use the service
  • No exchanges of goods or services for money, credit, gift cards, or any other currency are allowed

In order to ensure a fun and harmonious environment, we reserve the right to restrict or ban members from using the chat rooms if they are found to be in breach of the Terms of Use of the chat rooms or website.