How do I age verify?


How do I age verify? 

As part of our commitment to genuine profiles we have features in place to enable members to profile verify and/or verify their age to confirm to other members that they are genuine.

When you verify your age by photo ID, a blue tick icon will be displayed on your profile that shows other members your profile is verified.  


How do I verify my age by photo ID? 

To verify your age click on Verify button on your home page and you will be asked to upload 

  • a photo which displays your face to compare against, and
  • a photo or scan of your photo identification. Note, your photo and date of birth portions of the ID must be visible. 

Both the date of birth listed on your account and on your photo ID must match. The photo on your ID must match both the comparison photo provided and the photos on your profile. 

Once Support have matched the photo and ages on your profile it will display the age verification icon.

Acceptable forms of photo identification

We accept government issued photo identifications that include your date of birth on the ID such as: 

  • Driver’s licence 
  • Proof of age card 
  • Passport 

To confirm that an account is genuine, there may be occasions when our Support team ask you to verify your age before accessing your account again. Your date of birth will not be visible to other members. 

Age verification is separate to the 18+ age verification which allows you to view adult content on the site.

If you change your account type, (eg. from a single to a couple account), you will need to submit a new verification to re-verify your age by photo ID.