Browse the site discreetly in Invisible Mode

Feeling overwhelmed with messages or don’t have time to browse through members on the site? Then invisible mode could be just what you need. 

Set your profile to invisible mode and choose the members you want to remain in contact with. It also allows you to browse the site without members being notified that you’ve viewed their profile. You can turn this setting on or off at any time.

When you set your profile to invisible mode you won't show up in searches or as being 'online now' and you can’t access chat. However, you can choose to make your profile visible to members you provide access to.

To use invisible mode press on the round icon with your profile photo, select Settings from the drop-down menu, press Privacy, press the toggle next to ‘Browse the site discreetly in invisible mode’ 

Your Visibility List

Your Visibility List is a way to provide access to members who you want to be able to view your profile and stay in contact with when in invisible mode. To view your list go to Settings > My Lists, down the bottom. 

Ways you can add a member to your Visibility List:

  • On their profile page – press the three dots at the top of the members profile page and select ‘Add to Visibility List’ (this option only appears when you are Invisible)
  • Through Messenger – If you would like to still message a member when in invisible mode you will have the option to tick  ‘Allow access when my profile is invisible’ in your Messenger conversation.
  • Winks – If you wink someone while you are in invisible mode they will be added to your list

    Note: You can only add members to your list once your profile is set to invisible mode.

You can remove a member from your Visibility List at any time by selecting the bin icon next to the member's name. This means the member will no longer have access to view your profile and will not be able to wink or message you. Any existing conversations will just remain in Messenger.