Provocation Club Latextasy

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Provocation Club Latextasy
Dive into LATEXTASY , the ultimate bash where the shiny reigns supreme and snug is the new sexy. Here, latex isn’t just worn; it’s worshiped. Ready for a night where the squeak of latex is the soundtrack and every touch is a thrill?

Get ready to wrap yourself in the seductive sheen of latex, feeling it hug every curve and kiss every contour. It's a material that promises more than just a look—it's an experience. And let's face it, the allure of latex is too hot to resist, so why bother trying?

Whether you're dipping your toes into the latex pool or you're already deep in the fetish scene, LATEXTASY is your playground.

Dress to impress, strut your stuff, and let your latex shine. The night throbs with desire, a melting pot of kinksters coming together in a shared lust for latex. And keep an eye out—the most dazzling in latex gets crowned - as our 2024 Latex Legend and gets a giftcard prize from Lucrezia & De Sade.

With our polishing station, you’ll keep shining all night, and our chill zone ensures you can cool off when things get too steamy. So, to all you latex lovers, see you at LATEXTASY—it’s more than a party, it’s a state of mind.

Provocation is an all gender inclusive BDSM Play Party for Melbourne’s Kink, Alternative and Queer community

Submit yourself to an experiment in hedonism designed to elevate and engage all of your senses in our opulent multi-level, multi-room labyrinth of play spaces



60 King Street, Melbourne

For more information visit our website.

Age range:

Tickets can be pre-purchased online

Dress Code:
Leather, Latex, PVC, Fetish, Cross, Drag, Fur, Suit, Military, Goth/Alt/Retro, All Black

Dress code is enforced but the demographic is massively varied in age, background, race and culture.


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