Sydney Festival of Erotic Living

Sydney Festival of Erotic Living
The Sydney Festival of Erotic Living is a day to CELEBRATE who we are as erotic beings and the diversity and richness of erotic connection. There will be a program of workshops, installations, ceremonies and play party.

We make time for work, eating and exercise, but why don’t we take our Erotic Lives just as seriously?

Even in normal times, most of us don’t give the attention to our Erotic Life that we could. We learn nothing about it in school and society generally looks upon it with suspicion. Too rarely do we give ourselves permission to explore our Desires and Pleasures with Intention. Too rarely do we to allow ourselves to be curious. For anything to change in this part of our lives, we need to make the time and space for it. Once you do, a whole new world opens up! Do you miss feeling butterflies? Do you miss playing with others? Are you feeling a bit shut down at the moment? Don’t worry. Nearly everyone is.

The Festival is a unique opportunity to
- Open Your Eyes to what is possible in this realm
- Invigorate your existing relationships
- Reconnect with your own body
- Learn to maintain healthy boundaries

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Leela Centre, Darlinghurst

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