Festival of the Art of Love

Festival of the Art of Love
The Festival of the Art of Love is happening on 13-14 April with our friends at the Leela Centre in Darlinghurst.

This festival explores sex-positive relationships. How do we reconcile our need for love and attachment with our taste for sexual freedom and adventure? How do we give freedom to our partners and to ourselves without losing the security, groundedness and safety that comes from the feeling of being loved and cherished?

There will be a mix of workshops exploring physical acts of devotion: Acts of Service as Acts of Love, The Decision Between Us, Journey Into Breath, Kissing Ritual with Fruit, Sacred Art of Lingam Worship, Sacred Art of Yoni Worship, Desire and Dance

And more emotional dimensions of relating: Confronting Fear, Loving My Body, Loving Absence, Friendship, Loving Play with Words, Taking and Being Taken, Negotiating Sex within Love.

It's going to be a beautiful festival with some new and very interesting workshops as well as a new silent play party with live music from the Gypsies of Pangea.


Leela Centre in Darlinghurst

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