Really Good Sex Festival

Really Good Sex Festival
The Full Program for the 2018 Residential edition of Really Good Sex Festival on 26 January to 2nd February at Bamarang Bush Retreat near Nowra has been announced and the Schedule is online.

For the first time in our 7 year history we are offering a Fully Residential Edition of the Festival with a 5 day post-festival Integration. Our aim is to provide the optimal conditions for learning and exploration in a 'sex-positive' space. Unlike what some may think, a 'sex positive' space is not one long orgy. Its deeper purpose to provide opportunities for the emotional and psychological transformation, which happens from being a space where our desires and our bodies are not seen as something bad or taboo, but permitted, reflected and thought-about in a supportive and informed environment. During the festival, we will eat together, play, experiment, talk, open up and share deeply.

The first three days will be structured according to the same format you have enjoyed over the last seven years with 90 minute workshops throughout the day in three spaces as well as performances and curated play spaces in the evening. Each day there will be three high quality, organic catered meals for you to enjoy.

The festival is a unique opportunity, if you want to invigorate your existing relationships; meet a compatible partner or partners who accept you for who you are; have and maintain healthy boundaries with others; discover and connect with others who are asking themselves similar questions; integrate your sexuality in healthy and reflective ways with the rest of your life; feel the joy of being alive.

Radically inclusive, experientially-based, supportive, ethical, experimental, passionate - and intelligent. The festival is truly unique. There's nothing else like it in the Southern Hemisphere.



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Dress Code:
For most workshops loose fitting, comfortable clothes are appropriate.



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