Flamingos Princess Party

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Flamingos Princess Party
In a land far far away, on a majestic island, was a beautiful city filled with many amazing people!

This City was called Hobartia!

And in this city there was a palace... The Party Palace, where people came from far and wide, to indulge in their sweet magic water and evoke fluid body movements to a rhythm that echoes through the lands! This we call vodka induced booty shaking to hot club hits!

And that my Sexy Gorgeous people is where this fairy tale begins!

A night were everyone is allowed to the Ball! Whether you arrive in a pumpkin carriage or a motor scooter, it's a night where every person will transform with the help of their very own fairy godmothers and fairy godfathers into a magnificent Prince and/or Princess!

Welcome to Flamingo's Princess Party! A night to party through this long weekend and warm up to Flamingos Queen's Birthday Party!

With shows featuring Aurum Argentum and dancers! May you find your Happily Ever After!

We look forward to seeing you there with all your FLAMily and Friends.


Flamingos Dance Bar
201 Liverpool Street, Hobart

Just contact either Gary flamingosbar@iinet.net.au or Anthony flamingosbar@optusnet.com.au for any more info!

Not required

Email: flamingosbar@optusnet.com.au

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