My fantasy that I want to become real..

A Fantasy

I'm quite new to being bi and with covid, I decided to wait for a while before I act on my second time playing with a guy.. so hopefully I can find someone to do this..
I started chatting on here, its a monday and I have it off, the more we chat the more I want to meet, he finally said come on over my door will be unlocked.
I meet with them and we both know what we want, we both strip and go to the bedroom
He squirted lube on my arsehole and then began massaging it in. He wasn’t skimping on the lube and I felt very slippery by the time he finished.
Man, I was tight. His first attempt at sliding into me went no where. I wasn’t sure we had lined it up right but looking back, he was right at my entrance. The second time he pushed a little harder and i felt the bell end of his cock pop inside me. He checked that I was OK which I said I am but just go slow since it had been a while.

An inch in, an inch out, an inch and a half in, and inch and a half out. Getting everything lubed up nicely and making sure he didn’t pop out of me. I started backing up on his forward thrusts. .... Hopefully someone locally can make this true

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