A friend's Uncle...pt 3.

A Fantasy

I woke up the next morning still being the little spoon with Uncle's arm draped over me. I could feel him tightly behind me with his body curled around mine. As I lay there trying to wake up I decides to wiggle my arse on Uncle's meat as I could still feel it resting between my cheeks. I was rewarded instantly as I felt it twitch and begin to stir to life as it started to harden.

He moaned a little so I stopped and a few seconds later he began to snore quietly again, so I continued to wiggle my arse. I noticed the bottle of lube was lying on the bed nearby so I grabbed it, squirted a lot in my hand and did my best to rub it between my cheeks. I went back to slowly moving my hips and the movement lubed up his now fully hard 10 inches.

I wriggled forward a little, just enough that hid cock went in between my arse cheeks and I could feel the head of it pressing against my well fucked hole. I began to slowly push back and felt my sphincter give way, no pain, just incredible pleasure as the massive mushroom head popped inside me. I paused for a moment to enjoy the stretching feeling before ever so slowly pushing him deeper into my warm arse.

He was about two thirds inside me when he maoned, coughed and then began snoring again, so I took the chance to cough and impale myself fully on his thickness. Now back in place as the little spoon I stopped, loving the feel of Uncle being completely buried inside my arse, and concentrated on clenching and unclenching my hole, trying to milk his fat cock without moving.

It must have been working because I noticed the snoring stopped and pretty soon the moans began. Then his hand moved to my hip and I heard "very good morning". I expected Uncle to begin fucking me but he just pulled my hips towards him and lay there, letting my tensing asshole keep milking him.

Eventually I couldn't help myself and began to rock my hips back and forth ever so slightly. His moans grew louder and his hand went from my hip to my jaw as he turned my face towards him and started to kiss me as his hips began to thrust forward to meet mine. He continued to kiss me deeply and moved his rand to my cock which I hadn't even noticed getting hard and he began to stroke me in time with his thrusts.

We fucked like this for a few minutes until I told him that I was about to cumm, and he released my cock and told me not to. He immediately began to pull his fat cock out of me, which nearly causes me to cumm on its own, but I managed not to....just.

Uncle laid on his back and threw the covers off the bed. His monstrous thick cock standing 10 inches tall, rock hard and as thick as a cock can, before he said "get on". I straddled his stomach and kissed him as I reached behind myself and grabbed his cock, pulling it forward until I felt the head against my hungry hole, and I immediately pushed backwards and sat up, taking his full thickness inside me as I sat with my balls resting on his stomach.

I put my hands on his chest and began to rock back and forth, pivoting my hips at the same time. Fucking him as hard as I could, slamming my arse down and impaling myself with his meat over and over again. Uncle said he was close to cumming after about five minutes of this and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his chest.

I felt his legs bend up and he planted his feet. He paused for a second and then began to thrust, slowly at first. Thrusting his cock upwards into me as he held me tight against himself. He began to quicken his pace, getting faster and fucking me harder and harder with every upward slam. Within 15 second he was fucking me faster and harder than I had ever been fucked in my life. Slamming his fat thickness up and I to my hungry fuckhole as hard as he could, but I was unable to move, held tight against him.

He kept this up for another 15 seconds before grunting loudly and moaning that he was cumming. I groaned with my face in his neck that I was cumming too, my first anal orgasm. I could feel his hot cumm filling my now completely numb hole and running out of me and down my balls and legs, as my cumm squirted between our stomachs.

We lay like that for about 5 minutes both breathing heavily, his arms around me, my face in his neck and his cock slowly softening while still inside me. Eventually it slid out and I toppled to the side, still half on him and one of his arms still under me. I reached across and held his now soft cock in my hand and we both passed out.

Uncle and I spent the rest of the time my mate was overseas fucking like rabbits. He invited friends over, both male and female for group play dates. Sometimes I was the fucktoy for a small group, other times we fucked one of his female friends, or a crossdresser together....but they are stories for another time.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my stories. Uncle's was a real guy, and up until about ten years ago when he passed suddenly I was still catching up with him semi-regularly. Thanks for the memories Uncle....surf's up.

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