A friend's Uncle...pt 2

A Fantasy

As I walked upstairs with the towels s I could hear the shower running already and felt myself getting hard again as I imagined the water running down Uncle's muscular chest and stomach and over his thick hanging cock. I was not disappointed as I entered the bathroom, he was rinsing the shampoo out of his hair, arms up, his upper body flexing into a V shape, he smiled as he noticed me and moved over in the shower to make room for me.

I entered the shower and grabbed the washcloth and soap and began to wash his chest, letting the water rinse away the soap as I washed lower down his stomach. I dropped the cloth and kept lowering my soapy hands until I had his thick cock in my hands and began to slowly "wash" it. He began to get hard again, but before I could kneel, he took my hard cock in his hands and started to stroke me.

He kneeled in front of me and took my cock into his mouth, just the tip, and I could feel him rubbing his tongue back and forth under the head while inside his mouth. Uncle knew his way around a cock and within a few minutes I was getting close to cumming. My moans got louder as he sucked my cock into his mouth and grabbed by balls by the base and held them firmly in his hand, I could feel him gagging slightly as he hit the back of his throat but he didn't slow as he kept his pace, sucking the full length before taking it out to lick and slurp up and down the shaft.

He said he wanted to taste me and went back to sucking my cock all the way into his mouth, but this time I felt his hand reach between my legs towards my arse. I lifted one leg and put it over his shoulder and spread my legs, he moved his fingers between my cheeks, rubbing two of them back and forth against my hole before suddenly taking my whole length into his mouth and pushing his two fingers into my hole. He kept my cock fully buried in his mouth as he finger fucked my hole. I could feel my orgasm rising and told him I was about to cumm. In response he pushed another finger inside me and continued to fuck me and began bobbing his head back and forth again. In seconds my orgasm washed over me and jet after jet of my cumm shot into Uncle's mouth. When he felt me cumming he went balls deep again and fucked me so hard with his fingers I thought his fist was going to end up inside my tensing hole.

He swallowed my load without spilling a drop, smiled up at me as he stood up and said "my turn" and I started rubbing his now rock hard, massive cock with both hands and began to kneel until he pinned me against the shower wall and said "no, I am gonna fuck you again boy!", and turned the shower off before telling me to get on the bed on my stomach.

I quickly dried, as did Uncle and I moved to his bed and climbed on all fours into the middle arching my back and pushing my arse up unto the air, but as he moved onto the bed behind me, he slapped my arse hard and said "on your stomach boy" before pushing me onto my belly. He straddled my legs and moved up a bit and I could feel the weight of his monster resting on my cheeks. He reached over me to his bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube. I felt the cool liquid pour over his thickness and onto my arse before he began to use his fat cock to massage the lube in between my cheeks.

My arse was still tingling from being completely demolished during our poolside fuck, and when he rested the head of his meaty cock against my hole it gave little resistance. He steadily slid his full thickness inside me from the fat mushroom head until his heavy balls rested against my arse before adjusting his position above me.

He paused for a few seconds and then slid his length about two thirds out of me before pushing back up inside me again. He kept a steady pace, not forceful or rough, but a strong steady fucking in and out, in and out, his cock buried fully in me each time. Uncle kept this rhythm going for what felt like an hour, reaming my hole, I could feel it gripping tightly as he pulled out and then giving way as he plunged deep again.

I began lifting my arse to meet each thrust and each plunge began to get heavier and harder until he got up on his knees and lifted me up onto all fours. Uncle shifted his legs so he was no longer straddling mine, but was in-between my legs ready to fuck me doggy style.

With his hands on my hips Uncle began to fuck me good and hard. Pulling most of the way out before fucking his thick cock into me balls deep again and again and again. I kept me arse up high but had my head face first in the pillow until I heard him growl that he was going to cumm.

He grabbed my hair at this point and pulled hard as he continued fucking his monster cock into me. As he pulled my hair, I had no choice but to push back onto his pole, each time grunted until he growled into my ear that he was cumming. He bit my neck as he filled my fuckhole with his hot cumm. He shuddered and fucked me with very short strokes for about 30 seconds as I felt my arse filling and then overflowing with his cumm.

He let go of my hair and slid his now softening cock out of my hole and laid beside me on the bed. I was almost frozen in place with my well fucked hole up in the air dripping his cumm down my balls and inner thighs. By the time I was able to lay my exhausted body on its side with my back to him Uncle was already almost asleep, obviously as exhausted as I was.

The last thing I remember is his muscled arm pulling me close as he made me the little spoon, the warmth of his thickness nestled between my cheeks and his snore as I fell asleep.......to be continued.

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