A friend's Uncle...pt 1

A Fantasy

This is a fantasy based on a true story.

In my mid 20s I ended up homeless after a nasty breakup, and a mate of mine who had just moved in with his Uncle said they had a spare room. He asked and his Uncle said it was all good for me to move in as long as I paid my way.....so I did.

I knew his Uncle was gay, but he was a man's man. He was maybe 50, moustached, long haired, muscled, tanned surfer type. He was a bit over 6 foot tall and his footy shorts that he permanently wore left no doubt that he was also very well hung. I was 5'9" and maybe 75kg at most. I had been quite active with guys in my early 20s, and was not planning to say no if the opportunity arose. Soon enough it did!

My mate went overseas for 3 months, and pretty quickly I decided that this was my time to play up. Uncle kept his backyard pool spotless daily, but had never caught me watching before...until now. Knowimg what I planned and what might happen, I showered, shaved all over and douched before heading to the kitchen with just a towel around my waist. That was when I let him catch me staring at him through the open sliding door, I stared for a few seconds, took a mouthful of my beer and went outside with a beer for him too.

He said thanks as I sat down at the outdoor table. He took his shirt off, grabbed his beer, now standing quite close and had a huge drink, leaning back which in turn pushed his cloth forward.....towards my face. I laughed and made a joke about it, standing up to move away, brushing his bulge as I did. He grabbed my towel as I mover away and I was left there completely naked and shaven. His devil smile told me he liked what he saw, as I tried to grab my towel back. He put his beer down and held the towel up high so I came in close, almost against him trying to garb it when he suddenly had his other hand around my waist, one hand hold one of my cheeks and pulled me tightly to him, skin to skin. I I struggled for a second, then his other hand dropped the towel and grabbed my other cheek and I stopped struggling and looked up at him.....he smiled and then kissed me liked he owned me. Tongue deep in my mouth, hands squeezing my arse and his bulge hardening against my stomach, as my own cock got instantly hard against his leg.

We kissed for a short while before he growled that he had wanted to fuck me since I had moved in. I nearly passed out as he said it he sounded so horny!! I twisted so my back was too him and he began pinching my nipples and grinding his barely contained bulge against my arse. After about 10 seconds I felt him reach between us and unzip his shorts, I told him to keep them on, a bit of fiddling between us and I knew his massive cock was hanging through the zipper of his shorts and firmly wedged between my arse cheeks.

He stopped grinding told and knelt behind me and began to eat my hole, spitting all over to lube me up. He told me to sit on the chair with my arse just off the edge, I did and he got between my legs and continued licking my arse and grabbed my cock, squeezing it hard and stroking very slowly. Suddenly he stood, moved to my side and told me to get him wet.

This was the first time I had actually seen his cock. OMG!! It was easily 10inches long and almost as thick as a Coke can and it tried to stand up but hung under its own weight. What a magnificent, massive thick cock, dripping precut and 6 inches from my face. I tried to suck this monster, but it was just to big to get in my mouth, so I slobbered all over it, getting it slippery while cupping his balls and rubbing a hand all over his sweating stomach and chest.

He decided it was wet enough and knelt between my legs again, spat in his hand and gave my hole one last slop of spit before telling me to get ready.

The head pushed against my tight hole but didn't go in. He pushed harder, and the pressure built and built. I slowly rocked my hole back and forth on the tip of the head which was just inside me, feeling a little more each time. I wanted to be fucked so bad I moaned "just fuck me for God sake". Uncle seemed to take this as a challenged and I felt massive pressure as he pushed and pushed and finally the head of his cock entered me...I moaned and expected him to stop for a second, but he kept pushing...HARD, and he slammed the full length of his thick, long cock into me. I yelped with pain and nearly passed out.

Without stopping his slid his monster all the way out growling in my face "do you till want to be fucked!?!" I grabbed him by the neck and kissed him growling back at him "yes, fuck me as hard as you fucking can!!!"

OMFG!! He fucked me like I was a dirty piece of flesh who was just there to be fucked. He slammed his thickness into me over and over again, so hard I struggled to stay conscious.

I began to slip off the chair, so he slipped his arms under my knees and with my hands still around his neck, he lifted me up, impaling me fully on his cock as he walked me to the wall of the house. Once there, he grabbed onto the wall and began to swing his hips, and the full length of his cock every time, slamming up into my as I was supported by his muscled arms.

Kissing me hard at the same time, he fucked me like this for another 2 or 3 minutes before grunting as he shot his load deep deep into my now numb fuckhole. He held me there for about 30 seconds more until he finished cumming inside me and then slowly, very slowly so I felt every inch, pulling his softening cock out of me and punt me down.

We stood there for about a minute, both sweating and panting, cumm dripping from my hole and running down my inner thigh before he stood and said he was going for a shower, kissed me deeply again and said " I will need a towel", then walked inside.....I went to the linen cupboard for a towel then headed upstairs to his room..........to be continued.

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