Tricked and fucked part 2

A True Story

After our shower and a nice dinner, we were chatting about fantasy stuff and just about anything sexual, And I was saying how I'd like to have acouple guys all fucking ,he said had I ever been in a sex swing wit h I hadn't so he Shiwed me hi swing in another room it had leg restraints and hand holds Everything, he said you can lay on your back or lay in you belly, either way I noticed he was getting a hard on, so cheeky me asked him if he would like me to get on the swing? He said he would but I have to go face down on my belly, wit h was fine with me, he adjusted the straps to fit me and out the cussion under my belly and my legs were spread wide open and my ass was poking into the air, he started buy. Oning found the front and jamming his cock I to my mouth while he lent over and fingered my ass quit roughly, with was nice,he pulled out my mouth and walked round to my ass and slowly pushed his cock into me and it felt great, he was fucking me good and chatting about my fanto from earlier, and all I could do was say, I wish, he pulled out my ass cam round to my mouth and just looked me in the eye and said as you wish, he shoved his. O k I to my mouth again and it felt good, as the same time I felt someone else behind me, I got a bit worried and stared to struggle, the guy behind slapped my ass and just drove ahis cock right into me right to his balls and began fucking me really hard,. I stated to moan and groan, and I was in my little.fantasy the guy behind was talking to me say things like he wished he had a bigg cock so he could stretch me good,. I said it was great as it was but one day I'd like a really big cock, they both stated laughing and at that another friend walked into the room and stood in front of me, he was a black dude and he just said is this big enough for you? Now I got a bit scared because it was huge, I'd never seen a cock that big even on porn films,. He was rubbing it and it got harder and harder buy the second, he then told me it was about 12" long and not quit as thick as a coke can, but thick enough, we went behind me and slapped lube all over his cock, he then asked me if I really wanted it? I just nodded and said yes, he put the head of his cock at my hole and pushed soflty and I could tell straight away this was big, he pushed again slowly, and the pressure on my hole was enormous, he pushed a little harder, and all of a sudden my ass walls gave way and this absolute monster cock went I to my ass I screened with pain and I think delight and berried my face in the pillow on the swing, he started still for a while minute, and then started to move in and out of me, it hurt like hell but I just aid he should Fuck me and I want his huge load in me, he started to fuck me slowly and got a good rythum going and got faster and faster and he said he was going to cum, I braces my self for the final onslaught, he started to fuck me with all the speed and power he had and then he shot the biggest load of really hot cum right deep I to my ass, Ive never had so much cum in me from one guy, he slowly pulled out and left my ass gapping,I recovered a bit and slowly got of the swing and just couldn't walk so was helped to a seat and we all had a beer and got our breath back, they ar now talking about the next time,.
Can't wait

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