Tricked but fucked

A True Story

Was chatting with a guy on the net, about MM and he said he would never take a cock, and I joked and said that's ok I do, so after some chit chat he invited me to his place but it was 5 hours drive away, he said I could stay at his if he liked, so I said ok and drove to his house, when I got there he was a very large guy, about 6'6" with a bit of a belly, but we chatted for a while and he said he has to go to the bathroom, and I should make myself comfy, he clicked the dvd in as he left and up came some gay porn, well it got me a little hit under the collar and I started to rub my cock through my shorts, after a few minutes he starteled me buy putting a hand on my shoulder from behind, I turned round and he was naked, with what has to be a really big cocj hanging between his legs, he heals my head and aimed his soft cock at my mouth, I took the hint and started to suck him hard, he was moaning and getting hard as afuck I got up of the couch and stripped as fast as I could, and when I was naked he grabbed me and pushed me over the couch back with my ass in the air, he asked if he asked if he could fuck me, witch I could it reply with a muffled yes, he shoved two fingers j to my ass and finger fucked me for a minute or so, and when he took them out I felt him slap a load of lube onto my ass and push some inside I turned my head as he greased his cock and aim it at my ass, and slowly pushed the tip in and it made me gasp, he stopped and Asked if I was good to go and I could only nod and at that he thrust hard popping my tight as and sliding all the way to his balls with was really painful but he held me there for a min and then started to pump my ass really slow, long and slow, I said I wanted him to fuck me good, and at that he stopped drew out untill his tip was just in my ass and without warning slammed his cock I to me and fucked me with all the venom he could muster, I was nearly crying but it felt awsome and then I felt a massive was of cum squirt right into me, he pulled out and said come on let's go for a shower
And that was the first time he fucked me, he asked if I wanted to staybthe night witch I agreed to hoping for more.

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