My Fantasy First Time

A Fantasy

*** I still haven't found the man I'm looking for to take control of me and turn me into his little slut, but this is how I fantasise the first time it happens. ***

The motel room door is unlocked, I walk in and close it behind me. Following the instructions I've been given, I get undressed and throw my clothes aside. I climb on the bed, on all fours with my backside facing the closed bathroom door. I lean forward, head down with my bum in the air. The door opens and I hear him walking out to stand behind me. A whole minute passes and then I feel his hands on my hips and he says "back up." I move back and his hands guide roughly into place. My arsehole is totally exposed.

Very lightly, I feel something touching it, warm and a little moist. It rests gently against my hole, like a soft kiss. The hands on my hips tighten as he gets a good grip. It happens so suddenly that I grunt loudly. In one hard jerk he pulls my body back and thrust his hips forward. In a second, my anal virginity is gone as he rams his dick inside me. It feels like it's ten times longer and thicker than it looked in the pictures I'd been looking at online. I can feel my arsehole stretching around it, painful, but good painful. He holds me there, cock buried deep. "What are you?" he asks. I say my lines. "I'm a dirty whore Master." He says "Yes, now beg for it." I take a deep breath and
arch myself back against him and feel the pressure of his rock hard cock deep in me. At that moment I know I want it. No doubts anymore. So I beg.

"Please fuck me, I'm a nasty slut, fuck me." And that's exactly what he does. He pulls his cock back until just the head is poking into my arse. And then he fucks me good and proper. He holds me by the hips, pulling and pushing me forward and back while thrusting his own hips. I moan the whole time, feeling his beautiful dick violate me, sliding in and out of my bowels while he calls me "Dirty fucking whore. Slut." And I'm loving every single second of it. I don't know how long it lasts, it feels like forever. I get lost in how good it feels to be being used by this man.

At some point, I feel his cock get somehow harder and then there is a warm gush deep in my arsehole. The hard strokes feel slimey all of a sudden and I moan as I realise he's cumming inside me. My God it is so fucking nice. He grunts and says "you dirty cunt" and he pulls me hard back against him. He thrusts hard and I feel his cock in me straining. I smile and moan, enjoying the sensation of the semen shooting into me as the sloppy strokes continue. Again I get lost in the thought that he's violating me, that I've just had a guy fuck me and cum in my arse. The strokes slow and after I don't know how long, he pulls out of me. I stay where I am, out of breath and freshly arse fucked for the first time. I wonder if he'll continue with the "script" we agreed on. He does.

"Get off the bed and kneel down over there." It feels so greasy between my bum cheeks as I move. I kneel on the tile floor. My arsehole feels like its a mile wide, my insides are slimey and the warm cum is starting
to run down towards my thighs. So this is what it's like. Mmmmm, I like it. And I hope I like what happens next. He walks over and stands in front of me. His cock is right is an inch from my face. It's thick, circumsised, swollen, 6 or 7 inches long, semi hard and coated in sperm, with a fresh glob oozing out of the tip. "Kiss it," he says. I pucker my lips and kiss the head of this beautiful cock that is fresh from my arse. He reaches down and smears it over my lips and leans back. I lick my lips slowly and get my first small taste of cum. Salty, warm. "Open up."

I do it, and he guides the head of his cock into my mouth, resting on my tongue. I close my lips around it and suck gently. The taste fills my tastebuds. I feel a tiny squirt from the tip and roll my tongue around. I think about where this cock was a minute ago as he says "Go on slut, clean it all up." Fuck yes! The first time a cock is in my mouth it's fresh from my arsehole and I'm licking and sucking, running my lips up and down the shaft all the while swallowing the sperm that covers it. I manage to get at least three quarters of its length in my mouth at once as I bob my head back and forward. There's plenty of time to learn all the ways I can worship his cock with my mouth. Right now my job is just to clean it off. He stops me when that is done, his cock is hard again and now it's glistening with my spit. "Good whore."

He moves away and sits on the bed and says "Still more to clean
isn't there?" I again become aware of the cum that is on my thighs and my bum, drooling out of my arsehole. Just like he'd instructed, I reach down and use my fingers to wipe it from my thighs, then raise my hand to my face and and suck the sperm off my fingers. And then I reach down between my bum cheeks. I touch my arsehole, surprised to find it not stretched a mile wide. I push two fingers inside my own arsehole as deep as I can. I stare right at his cock while I'm fingering my sloppy hole and curl my fingers as I pull them out. I hold out my hand so he can see the cum I've scooped out. "Eat it you filthy fucking whore." I do it willingly.

The taste of his cum and my insides fills my mouth again and I love it. I ask "now?" and he nods. I stand in front of him, legs apart and
grab my own cock, which is absolutely dripping with slimey slippery precum. He gets up and crouches in front of me and reaches underneath me to jam three fingers into my arsehole. While he fingerfucks me roughly I jerk off, holding my left hand in front of my cock. It doesn't take long before I'm moaning, then groaning as I cum, catching it in my left hand. He pulls his hand out of my arse and I kneel down again. I rub my cum over his cock, head to shaft, while he pops each finger into my mouth... again the taste of his semen and my arsehole. When I finish lubing his cock with my cum, I stare at it, glistening and covered in goo. I can't help it. I lean in and
take just the head in and give it a quick suck, getting a taste of my cum. Then I lick my hand clean.

After that I get back on the bed on all fours, head down and bum up. His solid hard cock slides into me with a slurpy kind of sound. As he fucks me for a second time, somehow it feels so much fucking better than the first. It's so good, being used like this. No doubts anymore, I'm now his cock hungry whore with a taste for cum and my own arsehole. He pounds away at me until I feel that same swelling of his dick and that gush of wet slimey warm ecstasy. Not as much as the first, but still a nice hot load spraying deep inside me. It's so wonderful to be used like this I find myself falling in love with being butt fucked by him.

Afterwards, he lays on the bed, legs parted and I lay between them and lick the cum, suck on his dick, jerk him into my mouth, lick his balls and try to get as much of his long cock into my mouth as I can. Finally he
pulls a long, thick rubber dildo out from underneath a pillow and has me lay on my back, legs pulled back. He first uses the dildo on my arse lick a dipstick... just pushing it all the way down and pulling it out,
so I can lick the mix of his cum, my cum and my insides from it. He does this a few times before finally going to town on my arse with it while I moan and groan.

My arsehole stretches around the dildo as he slams it into me. He leaves it pushed in deep and lays back himself so I get between his legs and very greedily take the head of his cock in my mouth. I suck and swirl my tongue around it as I pull him off, up and down and use my other hand to fondle his balls. As I vigorously suck his beautiful cock I am very aware of the dildo in my arse. I blow him, loving it so fucking much, until he squirts another, small dose of cum right into my mouth. I can't help but "mmmmm" as I swallow it down. I reach back and pull the dildo out of my anus and he watches me lick it clean.

And finally, he is finished with me for the night. I go and take a quick shower and then dress. As I leave, my butt cheeks are slimey and I feel my arsehole leaking into my underwear. I can still taste the sperm in on my tongue and lips. All he says before I close the door is "now you're a dirty fucking cumdump and a buttfucked cocksucker. If you want more, message me." I nod. "I will. I want more. I am your fuck toy now, anything you want to do I will." I leave. And before even a whole day passes I message him, typing: I want more.

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