First time.

A True Story

I was about 21 and was invited to a work conference/boozy weekend between the NSW and Vic stores of the car parts company I worked for. I was sharing a room at the hotel with an older guy, in his early 60s, who I had spoken to on the phone dozens of times but never met in person.

We got along fine and went to the first lunch meeting together talking shop, which turned a little personal over lunch. Questions like do I have a girlfriend? Boyfriend?...and I think he saw Mr blush a little at the mention of being with a guy. It got to about 4pm and he left about half an hour before me, I had another couple of beers and went back to the room. Without thinking I walked into the bathroom to find him drying his hair after having a shower. I stopped, startled and he saw me staring at his hanging cock, still soft but it was about 5 inches and thick.

I was about to leave, still not able to look away, when he took the initiative and asked if I liked what I saw. He was pretty good for a guy in his 60s. I finally got the word yes out of my mouth and he seized the opportunity, asking if I wanted to touch it, I did and walked silently forward reaching out to grab his cock. I felt it immediately get harder in my hand as I gently rubbed it. I told him I had been with a couple of girls by this age, but never with a man, but I had toyed myself in the shower a lot, he smiled and knew he had me!

I asked if I could suck it and of course he said yes so I squatted in front of him and took him into my mouth and felt him get fully hard. I tried to mimic what I saw in the video, I liked the full length of his shaft which had grown to about 7 inches but thankfully hadn't gotten much thicker. I felt his hand on my head and he guided his thickness into my mouth, and began slowly rocking my mouth back and forth on his cock as he thrust his hips. I gagged a few times but tried to fit as much of his thick cock into my mouth as I could each time.

After a few minutes, I asked if he wanted to fuck me, he grabbed his fat cock and slowly stroked it and told me he was going to fuck me so good I would never forget it....I haven't either.

He took my clothes off, he wouldn't let me do it, and then we moved into the shower together. With the hot water running over us he pushed me face first against the wall and then grabbed my hips to arch my back and pull my arse out. He then knelt behind me and went between sucking my cock that he pulled backwards, and eating my arse, I nearly came as he tongued my virgin hole while stroking my cock. After a few minutes he stood up rubbing his thickness between my arse cheeks and I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my hole as he slid past. He pushed the shower head so it was facing the walland briefly began locking my hole again, this time with lots of spit.

Once I was lubed up I felt the head of his cock on my hole again, only this time it didn't slide past. The pressure built as he pushed against my tight hole. I tried to relax as much as I could and then I moaned as I suddenly felt a pinch as the mushroom head of his cock entered me. He held it there for a second and then took I back out, I moaned again. Immediately the pressure was back on my arse as he pushed again, this time it went easier. I moaned as he did this another 4 or 5 times before he stayed in me....then he began to push into me, an inch, then pulled back, two inches and pulled back. He did this until I eventually felt his hips touch my cheeks as he told me he was fully inside my tight hot hole.

He kept his meat fully buried in me for about 30 seconds before he began a slow rhythm, pulling back until just his cock head was in, and then pushing his full thick cock all the way back I to me.

Over and over again as he began to increase his speed, fucking my arse gently at first, but becoming more aggressive as I started to push back to meet his thrusts. Eventually he was fucking me full force, I could feel his hanging balls slapping into mine with each thrust. He grabbed my hair and started to tell me how I was his fuck toy for the rest of the weekend and he was going to fuck me every chance he got, I nearly came hearing him talk dirty in a low growl right into my ear as he buried his thick hard cock into me over and over again.

I don't know how long it was before he eventually growled that he was going to cumm, somwthing came over me, and I pushed back so he was back against that wall and rammed my hole back onto him a few more times before he groaned and grunted and grabbed my hips pulling me all the way onto his meaty cock and filled me with his cumm.

We stayed like that for what felt like an hour and I felt him go completely soft inside me before I finally stood up, turned to face him and pulled the shower head back over us both. He was smiling like the devil, grabbed me by the back of the neck with one hand, grabbed my still rock hard cock with the other and tongue kissed me for about 10 seconds before kneeling in front of me and sucking my cock until I filled his mouth with cumm, he swallowed the lot.

I can tell you that he was not lying when he said I was his fuck toy for the long weekend. He fucked me about 5 or 6 times a day for the next 2 days and I loved every one. I saw him again a number of times over the next 5 or so years at work conferences, hotel visits and I even stayed at his place a couple of times and every time he used me, and every time I loved it. I miss that old boy, he was great fun, and an exceptional fuck!!! Rest easy Fred.

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