My asshole eaten

A True Story

I had a older friend come to visit years ago and unbeknown to me he had with him drinks, gay porn and lube .
He was trying to tempt me not knowing i love to be fucked .
He mustered the courage to suggest we put on a porn video he had .
Watching the video i got hard and pulled out my cock to play with myself.
Before i knew it he was sucking me and trying to gently unbutton my pants .by now i was ready to rip them off and offer him my hole but he as i lefted my legs up and he removed my pant up to my ankels he spread me as wide as i could go and hooked my pants behind my neck and he looked at wat i was offering him a hard teen cock and a neat tight asshole .he grabed my balls and said u dont need them i could bearly say my hole sir i want you to play with my asshole he just buried his face in my ass and the warmth of his breath and the wetness of his tounge he me dripping like a bitch all i could do is moan and try to understand how great it felt he was eating my ass until i was asking for his cock he obliged me but was only a tease as he pushed into me he came and cobered me in his cum he then useed his cum and my spit as lube and fingered me until i stroked my dick and shot my cum we look at each other and knew we have a shared dirty secret .he kreps it from his wife and i keep it from the world only behind closed doors or ramdom places can i be myself presenting my ass to men and taking their cocks deep in me feeling them strect me and pound me until the give me the cum walking away acting as a stright man while my hole is soaked and opened by cock.

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