Boat cabin cocksucker

A True Story

I love to suck cock. It’s my favourite thing to do. I love to taste and drink a nice hot fresh load of cum. To feel a hard cock enlarge, throb then ejaculate it’s load and then taste and swallow while still getting your mouth fucked is truly great. My story involves meeting this bloke on a boat. A yacht in fact. I arrived there at around 6pm and he came out met me and took me to his boat. It was moored at a club and he lived aboard. On entering I could see how horny he was his cock shape was quite visible through his shorts. He soon stripped and he wanted me bare too. His cock was a nice 8inch cut. Very handsome cock indeed. I played with his nipples a bit and fondle his cock. He then bent down and started to suck my 6inch cock. It was nice to feel his mouth on my cock. It was fucking hot as I guided his head with my hands. His slobber all over my balls. I just controlled his head while I shoved my cock down his throat. After about 5 mins I told him it was my turn. This was not about me but about him. He stood up straight while I knelt down. And there was his cock millimeters from my mouth. I looked up at him and asked if he was ready. He said certainly am. I gently wrapped my hand around his long shaft and took his balls in my other hand kissed his knob and licked his precum then in one go took his whole cock down my throat. I then slurped up and down on his tool, feeling his whole cock in me and twirling my tongue around his knob. His cock was so fucking hard. I could taste his precum and it was slippery and yummo. I took my mouth off him and started to lick and suck his full balls. His smell was amazing. I took each of his balls in my mouth gently sucking on them. All the time he had my head in his hands. I licked his cum tube right up his shaft and my hot wet mouth engulfed his cock again. I grabbed both cheeks of his arse as my mouth slurped it’s way up and down on this beautiful cock. I looked at him while I sucked down and sucked up feeling his cockhead touch the back of my throat. Eventually my time had come and so had his. He grabbed my head gently and shoved his cock as far as he could down my throat. and said I’m gonna cum. Go for it I choked and mumbled with a mouth full of cock. At that I felt his cock throb and enlarge and the first jet went down my gullet. It was warm. I took a bit of control and got my mouth on just his head and felt more streams of hot warm nectar land on my tongue. It was very very tasty. I deep throated him and his cum was shoved down my throat with his entering cock. I tongued his cum tube at the same time and his balls were tight against him. He was still cumming so I rubbed his now drooling cock head all over my lips and I could feel his cum dribbling onto my lips. It was never ending so I lapped his cum off my lips and took his cock in my mouth to really drain his nuts. He pumped a few more dribbles into my mouth and he started to go soft. I licked myself clean and looked at his cock and pulled on it a couple of times to empty him completely. I cleaned him with my mouth.

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