Nude beach alone

A Fantasy

It was a beautiful summer day and I had the day off during the week. Mrs suggested I go to the nude beach without her and said I could always ask someone to help apply sunscreen, she had done so previously herself so was happy for me too.
I set up at the south end of the beach in the hope of an offer from a fit stud.
There was no offers forthcoming so I put on as much as I could, paying attention to those sensitive areas while looking around at who was there. There was mainly couples about and I found myself getting hard as my gaze lingered on a couple of guys who were putting sunscreen on each other. The guy applying saw me looking and moved his hands down to rub his friends cock. I rolled over on my side to give him a view of my hard on, and received a grin.
A while later after I'd gone down, I went for a dip. The water was a bit chilly so took a little while to get fully in. Not a fan of when the cold water first hits the balls. After diving under I came up to find the guys I was watching had run in and just dived straight in about 10m away.
They said hello and moved closer to chat. One asked if I was meeting anyone at the beach and I said my wife wasn't coming and I was alone for the day. He looked a bit disappointed when I said I had a wife and said he was surprised as he thought I was gay as he saw me get hard watching them.
I told him we're swingers and I'm bi and their faces lit up.
They asked if they were making me hard now. I said we are just talking at the moment and maybe we should get closer and see. We got closer and got a good view of their hard cocks under the water one was thick and one was average like me. I asked if I could give them a feel. They both said yes though the quiet one was a little bit nervous.
I stroked them both under the waser for a while before they both had a feel of me.
Had to stop before cumming so backed a way a bit. The chatty one then ducked under water and grabbed my butt and took my cock in his mouth and gave me a working over with his tongue. I tried to push him away before I cum but it just nade him spread my butt cheeks and he pushed a finger in and I shot my load in his mouth.
He came up with a sly grin on his face then opened his mouth to show my load still there. He turned and showed his partner before they shared a long passionate kiss. When they they separated a bridge of cum dangled between them before dropping to their chests.
We washed off and went back to the beach and ased if I'd like to join them, which I did.
They both vovered me in sunscreen everywhere and in no time I was hard again. I helped cover them as well. The one who made me cum sat at the others head while I sat astride the quite ones legs covering hes back with my cock resting on his but dripping precum on him. He lifted his head and gave his partner a suck and said slip it in. I'd never had sex at this beach before as its looked down upon but ther was so much precum now, I just adjusted position slightly and slid straight in and gave a few discrete thrusts before pulling out. He was disappointed I didn't do more so I got him to turn over and I tossed him off while fingering his hole. He came quickly, so quick I didn't get my mouth down in time and he got covered in cum. I rubbed it all over.
We decided to go back in the water and wash off. I decided to give a tryat an underwater blow job to return the favour.
Couldn't hold my breath as long as he could and took a few attempts, and a few fingers in his arse, to get him to cum in my mouth.
We all shared a cum filled kiss before heading home.
Let's hope we meet again

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