i dream about it

A Fantasy

I have always been very sexual and something I always keep thinking about is meeting a very naughty older top man. Unknowingly this man is very sexual with many naughty older sexual friends. I start to become his sex slave and I would start getting texts with addresses to go and let a friend of his fuck me. Once I had been fucked a few times by all of his friends, they organise a night all together where im the bottom for them all. I turn up to the hotel room at a given time and let in to see all the men who have used me in this room all naked and waiting for me. They have set up a fuck swing in the lounge room and they start removing my clothes and lift me up into the swing. one after another they come over put there cocks in my mouth while someone is rimming me getting me all ready. Then the first guy slides his cock in me and then another and another im dripping with cum and they just keep fucking me till they have all fucked me and cum in my ass. once they have all finished they let me out of the swing and tell me, same time next week boi and im sent home, and I start to begin my life as there gangbang slut when i told to show up.

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