Taking loads

A Fantasy

After having an MMF threesome with the wife, where she ended up swallowing his load, after agreeing no-one will be cum inside of , we thought it only fair that I get to take a load next time.
We both wanted a third bi guy to join us so we'd both have a guy to play with.
The night came to meet in a hotel room, but she ended up feeling sick. She didn't want me to miss out and the guys were fine with just me being there.
I met the other guys in the bar downstairs, one was a blonde surfer dude (Jase) and the other looking stylish in a suit (Dave). After a quick drink and a lot of mentally undressing each other, we went up to the room.
I sensually undid Dave's tie and unbuttoned his shirt, feeling his smooth chest and licking his nipples while surfer was undressing me from behind, running his hands over me as he did so.
When I released Dave's cock from his pants I bent at the waist to lick the precum off and give a good suck and give Jase a nice view of my but. He started caressing my but and I spread my legs a little so he could slide his hand between my legs and fondle my balls.
We quickly kicked off the rest of our clothes and climbed onto bed. When my wife was going to be there she was going to be the centre of attention, but since she wasn't there it was me.
I laid on my back and had both cocks in my mouth. Then Jase climbed on top and slowly slid down my shaft until I was fully inside him. He started slowly riding me getting quicker as he went. Meanwhile I set to work on Dave's cock, loving the sweet taste of his precum. Dave stood up and turned around and put his length in Jase's mouth, a great visual.
Jase bounced faster and faster while I tossed him off. He couldn't hold it anymore and emptied his load all over my body. I licked his cum off my hand and then Dave took position and raised my legs up. He lubed me up then slid inside my virgin arse. I'd been fucked with toys and strapons before but nothing compares to the real thing. I only lasted a few minutes before adding my load to my cum covered body.
Dave pulled out and was about to add his load to my body as well.
When he started to cum I jumped up and wrapped my mouth around him and took his warm load into my mouth,.
We all lay back on the bed, the guys taking licks of cum off my body, once I was cleaned we were ready to go again

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