First mmf experience

A Fantasy

After dinner at a restaurant in the city with the wife and a new friend we met online, we returned to his hotel room for some fun.
While the Mrs changed into her ligerie in the bathroom we stripped down to our jocks. When the wife came out we both caressed and kissed her before she knelt before us, releasing our now hard cocks and sucking us one at a time before taking us both in her mouth together.
He then carressed my arse before kneeling down and sucking me with my wife.
When he stood back up I got down and took my first cock into my mouth.
He was thicker than me so I found it hard to toss him, so just used my mouth and tongue and caressed his balls with my hand.
During the night we spoilt the Mrs with lots of fucking, spit roast, dvp and I enjoyed sucking and being sucked by another guy.
He was moaning with pleasure as I took his whole shaft and licked his balls at the same time.
Have since had another guy suck me and kiss me while I caressed his balls.
Still waiting to pop my cherry with another man

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