The old neighbor part 2

A Fantasy

Part 2
The next day I was out for a walk , shorts t shirt and normal man undies, and Craig saw me coming home and called out, hey sissy.. come here. Craig I said please don’t call me that, what can I do for you?
I have a big favor to ask you, may I call you Michelle. Ok but not sissy and please keep it quiet, ok so what’s the favor, well Michelle I really miss lying in bed with my wife naked and spooning her in her silk pajamas. Would you please do me the favor and put a silk gown on and these new panties and lay in bed with me naked and let me spoon you….after a moment of feeling sorry for him I said …ok but I need another strong bourbon.
So I went inside with him and he asked me to shower and asked me to put on her perfume for him. Which I did and pulled the soft pink panties up my legs and put the silk baby doll on and went to his bedroom where he was in bed naked. He opened the bed and let me in… I didn’t look at him as I was very nervous. I had one drink then he poured me another drink and so I was getting drunk rather quickly.
He asked me to turn away from him and I did and then he put his hand on my hip and he pulled in close to me .
As he moved in I could feel his cock pressing against the panties he made me wear for him.
He was feeling my legs and running his hand over my silk panties arse
He was smelling my neck and started to kiss my neck and doing this he started to move his cock against the panties and starting to dry hump my panties arse.
All of a sudden I realized my cock was hardening , but Craig wasn’t touching that, to him I was his fantasized wife who didn’t have a cock.
He moved his hand over my chest and felt my nipples. This put my cock in a position where it started to spring out of the panties and I was getting worried he would feel and see. He licked my ear and blew in it and I was going crazy over that, my mind saying please stop, my cock saying grab me please.
But that won’t be happening , to him I was his girl and he wanted to have fun for himself on me. His hard cock was really thrusting on my panties as he squeezed and spanked my arse until finally he climaxed over my panties. Panting he started kissing my neck again. He then said could you please shower and leave and leave the lingerie there for him to clean… thank you Michelle.
I got home and was horny but I knew my wife would be home wanting me to fuck , so I couldn’t get off, so I remained horny all afternoon.
Then I got a call from her, she would stay away for another week, oh no I thought , what would Craig do with me in a full week.

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