The old neighbor part 1

A Fantasy

Part 1
My neighbor Craig a big bellied man about 70 recently lost his wife was now living by himself. Normally he wouldn’t come and talk to me when I mow the lawn but lately he’s always been nice and started talking. The other day he came over with a small plastic bag that had a vapor and a few empty condoms in it. He said any idea what’s this I just found it. I said there’s a few empty condoms and that’s a vapor. He agreed and wasn’t sure why that was there . I thought that was strange.
Next time I saw him my wife was out for the weekend. It was a very hot day and I was out washing my car in shorts and t shirt and of course wearing some pink silk panties. And he came over seeking my help. Could you please come over I need to get something that’s broken In my roof. Ok I said be over in 5 min.
When I came over he had loose shorts on no shirt and I could see he’s big belly and big boobs. He had a ladder ready in the man hole, when he said look it’s very hot up there and very dirty. I was wearing had nice shorts and a nice t shirt and didn’t really want to get them dirty so I said, let me go home and change and I will be back. Craig said look it’s just us two here if you don’t want your clothes dirty or get real hot, just take off your shirt and shorts and climb up in your undies. Well I said I rather not, knowing what I’m wearing under my shorts. Please Craig said I don’t care what undies you wear and it’s just us and besides your helping me.
Embarrassing I took my shirt off and pulled my shorts down just standing in my pink silk panties and sand shoes. Well he said wow, I thought you were a cute little sissy. No I’m not I said I just wear them to get horny for my wife because she likes me in them and she gets me doing chores . Well you can do chores for me, like getting into my roof… and as he said that my cock started to get a little hard and some precum oozed and he noticed the wet patch and locked eyes on me…fine I said and started climbing the ladder as he looked up at my arse as I was going up. It was dirty and hot as i moved to the corner to get the wire connected. I was sweating and dirty on my chest and my panties were dirty. As I started to climb down the ladder he was checking my arse again and pushed his hand on my bum and panties to help me down.
Oh look how dirty and sweaty you are, and offered me a towel and wiped my back with it and down my panties and legs. Again my cock was getting hard , turn around he said and wiped my chest and worked down my rubbed over my cock and down my legs. Once again he noticed my cock get hard. I think you should have a shower and handed the towel and showed me to the shower. I went there and pulled my panties off , now naked and stepped in and washed off. I didn’t realize but he snuck in and got my panties and clothes and washed them. He also gave me a new towel that was very small that just covered my arse. I couldn’t believe what he had done as I quietly put the towel around me and walked to the lounge room and he asked me to sit beside him where he was watching sport and offered me a bourbon that was very strong. As we sat for a little he told me how lonely he was and not been able to hug or kiss anyone since he’s wife died, and asked me if he could give me a hug. So reluctantly I agreed and stood up and he stepped close to me and put his big arms around me and squeezed me and kissed my neck. When doing this he started to feel my arse and when he did my towel fell down. He stopped and noticed my cock growing again, u have a nice clitty there,and reached down and squeezed me and stopped and let go. He then grabbed my hand and rested it on his cock. He was reasonably big and very hard as I squeezed him. I like you my sissy boy, I think we can be good friends.
He stopped and got my clothes and I got dressed and left… I had bi sexual thoughts of being a submissive boy, but this turned me on , and he knew it.

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