Davey - Part 2

A True Story

DAVEY – Part 2

As I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue I fondled his balls, gently rolling them around with my fingers, all the while sucking and licking his rock-hard cock with my eager tongue and mouth. After a few minutes I began to feel his balls tighten and the gentle moans he had been making were getting louder and more frequent until at last he grabbed my head and cried, “stop, please stop it’s too soon”. I moved slowly back up his torso kissing and sucking as I went, belly button, nipples and finally mouth.

We kissed passionately, pausing only long enough for me to kiss and lick and gently blow in his ears before moving back to his mouth where our tongues chased each other around our mouths. All the while grinding our jewels together in our frenzied state of passion.

Quickly he rolled out from under me and assumed the dominant position he on top, me below, all the while kissing deeply. He returned the favour, kissing, licking, and softly blowing in my ears, before slowly moving down to my nipples, to each of which he gave more than adequate attention. Moving ever further down he reached my own hard member which he took gently in his mouth and licked and sucked as if it was a treasure trove of delight. It was, to me.

He suddenly grabbed me by the hips and said roll over and get on your knees, which I did as ordered. I felt his hands part my arse checks and then felt a warm breath of air on my rosebud as he blew gently on it before following closely with his tongue, tracing the outline, pushing as deep as he could into my waiting hole.

I shivered with delight.

I felt the bed move as he reached over, I heard the plunger squirt lube into his hand, and I felt his warm fingers and cool lube push gently into my waiting hole.

I have never been much into fucking or being fucked in the arse. Mostly because, at my age my erections aren’t as hard or as long lasting as they once were. On the few times I have managed to fuck an arse though I do admit it was wonderful and something everyone should experience. As to being fucked, although my arse is fairly loose from many insertions and pumping over the years, not to mention a fisting, I no longer get the pleasure that one would normally get from such stimulation of one’s prostate. Perhaps one of the side effects of an enlarged prostate is reduced sensitivity. Whatever the reason being fucked is not, for me, an essential part of MM sex.

Non the less on feeling him press his knob against my rosebud and feel his hard shaft slip deep into me I trembled at the feeling as he pumped in an out of me, I felt each thrust deep inside me and the slap of his balls against my arse and began to feel an unexpected please as he pounded into me. Unexpected because it did not feel any different, physically, from other experiences. Yet I was feeling a wave of intense pleasure radiating out from deep in my bowel. I realized then that what I was feeling was his pleasure not only radiating back from his knob into his body but also returning some of that pleasure into me, a feeling of pure pleasure, almost ecstasy, created almost solely by the mind. As he pumped in and out, I could feel him increasing his pace and knew that he could not be far from achieving the ultimate.

STOP!!!! Don’t cum inside me, I want every last drop of your essence in my mouth, I want to savour your manly juices.

He quickly pulled out and rolled onto his back, whilst I changed position and plunged my mouth of his hot wet cock, slightly sweet from the lube and my arse juices, I needed only a few licks and sucks before he exploded into my mouth, pumping his hot salty sweet seed into my mouth. I waited then, with his cock in my mouth until he had finished spasming and I gently squeezed his cock from the base up to the tip to get the last possible drop of his cum.

I moved then, up to lie beside him to share in his post orgasmic bliss. I offered to share my mouthful of cum with him, but he gently declined as one oft does after cumming, so I lay there with him in my arms, gently fondling his cock and slowly savouring my mouthful of cum before eventually swallowing it all and enjoyed the post coital bliss, together.

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