Davey - Part 1

A True Story

DAVEY – Part 1

I had risen early, showered, shaved, and cleaned myself thoroughly, inside, and out, just in case. As I breakfasted, wearing only my dressing gown, I pondered on what the next few hours would bring. I had not seen any pictures of him, or his cock. Would he be a fantasist who pretended he was something he was not. Would he rely on the, ‘well I’m here now, you mays as well make the best of it’ type? Or would he be what he said.

Well, too late now I thought as I heard a car quietly pull into the driveway. I quickly rose to my feet and waited by the door until I heard him outside the door preparing himself to knock, I opened the door and quickly ushered him. He wasn’t faking. A little taller than me mid to late 50’s but looking a little younger he was just what I was looking for. Even better, I noticed as he walked in, the zipper on his fly was open.

As I closed the door behind him I embraced him and kissed him on the mouth, our tongues touching as my hand dropped down to his open fly and reached in to fondle his balls. We lingered then, savouring the moment before I broke off and quickly lead him to the bedroom where I hurriedly undressed him whilst letting my dressing gown fall off my shoulders on to the floor. We were both naked now and I ran my hands over his body as I lead him to the bathroom for a quick shower. I sat on the small footstool in the corner of the shower and pulled him to me and held his penis in front of me and told him to start. After a few moments of piss shyness, a small stream issued from the tip of his cut cock and I opened my mouth to take it in. I felt the warm salty liquid flow into my mouth and swallowed, pausing only to pull his cock from my mouth to spray his piss over my face before taking it in my mouth again until I had drained the last drop of his golden nectar from him.

Rising then, I turned on the shower and we carefully washed each other, as I rinsed my mouth with warm water so that I might kiss him again and spare him from tasting his own urine in my mouth. As we kissed our hands were over each other’s bodies as we soaped and cleaned every nook and cranny, paying special attention to each other’s arse. Now completely clean I turned the shower off and we hurriedly dried off and returned to my room and climbed upon my waterbed. Laying there he looked so hot I could barely contain myself.

I leant over and kissed him again even more passionately than before and we hungrily explored each other’s mouth with our tongues. I pulled away then and slowly moved down his body kissing and licking and sucking as I went, pausing on the way to give his nipples a thorough working over. I slowly moved down to his navel, then to his pubes and, as I skirted them, I could see his rock-hard cock waiting, no begging, for my attention, but I ignored it.

As I moved past his balls and down his thigh I kissed and caressed him all the way. Slowly I moved back up until my face was inches away from his full sack. I lifted his knees and raised his arse a little as I licked and kissed his perineum before slowly inching my tongue into his crack and heard him issue a little moan of pleasure as my tongue explored his crack, pushing ever harder and deeper against his rosebud. I could smell the freshness of the soap and taste the clean skin as my tongue circled and teased, I could feel the tension in him as I lustfully played in his nethers.

I withdrew then and moved back up, blowing softly on his balls before slowly taking each, in turn, into my mouth and gently sucking on them as I rolled them around my mouth. Time to move on now and I gently licked my way up the length of his hard throbbing cock and arrived at last at his handsome knob, the tip glistening with pre-cum, which I tenderly licked up before sliding his cock into my mouth.

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