Father's day fun

A True Story

I had been sucking this guy for a while he had a fine smooth rock hard seven inch cock .
This one day he messaged me saying he needed my holes as I was single and my son was with his mum I got showered and went round he greeted me at the door in a robe come in he said went into lounge sat down gay porn was on a guy was getting fucked hard in a shower block he sat down his cock was semi hard and he started stroking he looked at me and said you here to do a job get to it so I got yo and sucked him he called me names and pushed cock down throat he then said get undressed I going to wreck your ass he lubed up and fucked me building up speed. Then slow he pulled all out then pushed one stroke deep and grunted he did this for a while then built up pace again till he blew inside telling me to come back later that night for more I ok eft and returned later for more

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