Want to be his first

A Fantasy

I've been chatting online to a guy for months, a married guy, who is keen to meet up with a guy for the first time.
This had my interest, I've never been a guys first m/m experience and I thought it would be great to share in a guys first m/m experience, I was interested in finding out what he was keen on doing and if it would suit my needs too.
He explained that he wants to meet up with a guy, have a guy grab his cock and slowly take it all orally, until he is rock hard, then turn around on all fours so he can slowly push his cock into a hot willing hole, then fuck him doggy style, working his cock deeper and deeper with every thrust, he wants to work his 9 inch cock all the way in, then blow his load deep inside a willing ass, fucking that ass bareback and filling it up with all of his cum.
Mmmm, that's exactly what I want to, I'm very anally receptive, I have wanted to be some ones cum dump for a while, this guy would be perfect, I told him all he has to do is text me and I'll be ready for him when ever he wants an ass to fuck.
He is very keen on what I am able to do for him, all we have to do now, is work out when and where we will meet.
I am looking forward to the day we meet so I can wrap my lips around his beautiful 9 inch cock, then have him fuck me as long and as hard as he wants, so keen to be his slut, have his cock deep inside me, then feel it throb as he cums deep inside me, want to give him everything he wants, so he will want me to come back when ever he needs me, knowing he can fuck me anyway he wants and breed me to his hearts content, I'm gonna be pretty happy being his cum dump for a while, not to mention being his first guy for m/m sex, to have him bareback me, then have him cum deep inside me and be willing to be at his disposal, when ever he has the urge to fuck an ass, then let him cum inside me as often as he likes, hopefully this will happen soon, I can't wait to get his cock inside me, then find out what other desires he has, so I can make that happen for him too. When that happens, I'll let you all know, it's gonna be worth posting another story here and let you know how our sex life has progressed and let you know what desires I have been able to do for him

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