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A True Story

I've always loved older guys ever since I was in my teens. When I was about 20 I meet a guy on this site who I had caught up with a few times, he would of been in either his late 30's or early 40s, let's call him Jamie. I was fairly inexperienced at the time and started to develop a big crush on him.

One day he asked me to come around, I had just finished the gym and told him I would need a shower before we moved things to his bedroom.

When I arrived, his room-mate was there, who is also gay, I had heard stories about his extra large dick and that was 8+ inches and suddenly I felt my heart racing at the thought being in my first 3sum.

I went and had a shower and the whole time my dick was rock hard and I could barely contain myself. When I got out of the shower and we went back to his room, his room mate didnt end up joining but was in the lounge room next door.

I had never done anal before but I was so horny at the anticipation of a possible 3sum that I asked Jamie if he had a dildo, which he obviously did. Jamie then lubed me and the dildo up and proceeded to turn me over doggy style where he fucked me with the dildo while shoving his cock down my throat. I made sure to groan loud enough for his room mate to hear in the off chance he might decide to join, unfortunately this never happened but the fantasy in my head led to the most intense orgasm I've had.

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