Being Seduced by Rex

Partly true:
I met Rex at a friend's pub. My friend always wanted everyone to feel welcome at his pub and not 'by themselves', especially at the bar.
Rex was 53 years old, with a stunning tan, piercing eyes, and bald. He wore a polo shirt, which showed me he was fit - with bulging biceps.
I was 27 at the time, and thought nothing of it when Rex started asking questions about me.

One of the questions was whether I liked going to the theatre. To be polite, I said yes. To continue to be polite, I accepted his invitation for next Friday (it was Sunday) to a play at the MTC.

I rode my bicycle there. It was a warm Autumn night and, at the time, I was addicted to cycling.
We sat together, Rex and I. Feeling uncomfortable as it dawned on me that he must be gay. Though, he didn't do anything to make me feel uncomfortable. I was so nervous that he might stroke my leg or arse, that I missed the play's plot. Not that I was interested, anyway.

As we walked out the theatre door, Rex offered me a lift home. I said that I had ridden my bike.
Rex's reply sounded like a cliche: "That's a pity. I would love to drive you home!"

I thought nothing more of that night or Rex's comment, until he phoned me and left a message on the answer machine a week later.
Rex wanted to invite me to dinner at a restaurant near his place in Fitzroy. Not wanting to be rude, I phoned back and said yes. I made sure that I caught a tram so I could have a few drinks.

The African food was great and Max knew the owner and chef, who kept making suggestive comments. Such as, "Another one Maxie? Don't tell me his name. There will be a new one next week!"
Going to the toilet, the owner pulled me up. "Hey, Tim. Max told me he was taking you here and he says you're keen. Max always seduces his younger men on the second date."

I was drinking Champagne, which always makes me horny. I felt my cock harden. So much that it was hard to piss. I was relaxed about the comment and decided to get a taxi home when the dinner was over. The owner was revving me up, I decided.
I got back to the table and drank the rest of what was in my glass.
"I've got better stuff to drink at my home, Tim", Rex said inevitably. He put his arm around my shoulder and we left and started walking back to his place. This time, he put his hand behind and rubbed my arse as we walked. I was too relaxed to care. It's not as if he was putting his hand down there. Just the outside. I had not said a thing. I just wanted somewhere to rest and not have the bother of getting a taxi that night. But Rex, I was to find out, had other uses for his couch.

As Rex and I walked out of the African restaurant, the March night-air was warm.
My cock had softened from earlier, until Rex put his arm around my shoulder and then straight down into my jocks. He began rubbing the top of my white bum cheeks and I became mesmerised and rock hard.

I said I needed a taxi, but Rex insisted that he give me a tour of his place first. He knew that I knew what that meant and we were soon there.
"You drink champers, I'll get a bottle. Sit on the couch."
Rex went into his bedroom and came out naked with no champers. His body was fully tanned and looked fit for a man in his 50s. His helmet cock was quite brown also and looked rock hard and long.
"Are you a helmet or a rocket?", he asked assertively.
"Um, ah... a helmet", I replied.
"I don't care, really, but I prefer sucking helmets", Rex said in a slow voice.

After that, he didn't say much, for a while. Apart from telling me to take off my trousers, jocks and shoes. I took them off as told.
He slowly unbuttoned my long-sleeve shirt, from the top. My young cock was making a bulge in it. As Rex undid the last button, my white hard and long cock sprung forward. Rex's tongue went for my balls and it slowly licked my rock hard cock from the base to below the head. I let out moans, but just yelped "Yes!", when his tongue got to my tip, as he tongued just below my head. Rex licked up and down my pink shaft again and again.
Then his lips covered my head and slowly swallowed me. Up and down. Pressing his tongue occasionally on my shaft. I watched his bald tan head swallow my meat. The contrast of my pink legs next to his brown bald head made me harder.
"I'm going to cum!", I called out all too soon
Rex licked down my shaft and licked my tight ball sack.

He hept going until he got to my anus. I screamed out in raptures of ecstasy. I was beyond control as he rimmed me. When he stopped, I just replied with a wimper of, " Fuck me". Rex rimmed me again, but this time, he rubbed his hard helmet head against my hole. He went in easily, with me on my back on the couch. He went right in and pumped me for ages. Pumping really quickly, with some pauses to look at my young face. Lust was all over Rex's tanned face .

"Aggghhhh!", Rex grunted as he came inside me. I didn't feel him cumming. His fucking me overtook any feelings of his cumming. Pulling his cock out, Rex went over to get a mirror. Showing me his jizz as it started to ooze out of my fuckhole. He wiped some up and smeared it over my right nipple, sucking and licking it off. My cock had got soft whilst Rex's hardness was in my fuckhole. Rex concentrated on my cockhead as he started to suck my pink cock again. His brown lips sliding down my white shaft put me to the edge and I started to feel myself pumping spunk out of my cumhole as Rex was halfway down my shaft.

Rex swallowed almost all of it at once. Leaving some on the back of his tongue, to savour my taste.
"I'd eat your salty-sweet cumload any day", is all Rex said.
"As long as I get to drive my dick between your white bell-arse first!"
I fell into a deep sleep after a few more drinks with Rex. And at around 11am the next day, he did drive me home. In a car.

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