My First

A True Story

Away on summer holidays and having just turned 18, I was super horny. I was having a great day at the beach on a typical summer’s day in January. I had decided to head back to my house but dropped into the bathroom for a quick shower. As it late afternoon, there wasn’t anyone around so I decided to quickly get naked, but I was soon joined by a hot older guy, who proceeded to undress and shower naked right next to me. I could feel might cock getting harder and wasn’t able to hide it from him and he was already rock hard. We struck up a conversation and mutual admiration of each other’s bodies/cocks and before I knew it we were in a bathroom stall, still dripping wet, kissing and then giving each a blowjob. We agreed to meet up the next day and I went back to his place where we had an amazing afternoon of fun. He was the first guy I had ever had sex with and needless to say, I had a lot of sex that summer.

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