Being a bottom

When I was learning about being a bottom boi the guy teaching me was keen to show me he had me over four times a week as he lived round the corner .

I would arrive he would be on his robe I would go to lounge and undress he would stand and say you want to suck this yes was all I said I would suck him and he would
Hold my head and thrust you ready for a fucking slut I would turn around and he lube up and slide in then fuck me good till he blew I would suck him clean he would sometimes reenter and pound again getting cum covered his cock so I could suck clean

Every now and then he would have a friend over then they both would bend me over and both plough me filling me with there cum it was a great afternoon they would tag team until they could not pull out and blow in plugs were put in sometimes so the cum could be left for another round but some times I was sent on my way

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