Bill Calling #2

About a week after our first meeting Bill called for a health check and we agreed to another meeting, with me calling over to Bill's in the morning.
When l arrived there was a note on the door "come in the door is unlocked" hmm, WTF in the lounge was another note saying "get undressed and go to the bedroom" l followed the instructions and walked naked and intrigued down the hall way to the bedroom. As previously, the room was in complete darkness from the heavy curtains, l could see the surface of the bed was shining and looked wet ........ within a couple of seconds Bill came up behind me from nowhere and put his arms around me, running his hands over my chest and down over my stomach and cupped my balls and played gently with my half erect cock.
Bill said turn around and he wrapped his body against mine and we unbalanced and fell back on to the bed which was covered in massage oils on a plastic sheet, we almost slide off the other side, we rolled around for ages, touching, massaging each other, it felt amazing, we were both completely oiled up, Bill always made me feel extremely comfortable.
After what seemed like hours we had a shower together, washing each other with soapy Gel, touching, kissing, sucking, nipple play and manicuring each other with shaving cream and a new razor. Very trusting of each other .....
After we towelled off, Bill said it was time to explore more and push some boundaries, why not l thought, l had just trusted Bill to shave and manicure my package.
We stripped the bed and Bill placed the oily plastic sheet into the laundry and we made the bed together ....... Bill lent into his wardrobe and took out some lube, Bill asked me to lube and finger his arse, Bill moaned with enjoyment as my finger went inside him, keep going deeper, Bill said ........ then Bill said he was going to prime my cock and he did with his mouth and later with lube, so l could fuck him and Bill then got on all fours and my cock slide inside his well lubed arse, Bill said my cock was thick, but he liked the way l pushed and held his hips. After awhile l said l am coming, Bill said blow your load l want all your juicy protein. We both lay on the bed afterwards smiling, Bill was my first M2M lover.
The next meeting Bill went to the wardrobe and pulled out a prostrate vibrator, Bill said l want you to tune my arse with the vibrator and lube and then fuck me.
Bill knew exactly what we both needed, each meeting was a new adventure and Bill always had something different in store.
Should I write more ?

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