A afternoon delight

A few years ago my master or fuck buddie messaged me I am home need your hole slut so I shaved cleaned out inside and put on my lacy panties and off I went
Upon arrival I messaged I was here as I waited for him I was thinking of his great cock the Rolla door opened and in we went down to granny flat once inside he said strip and kneel so I did. He then stood Infront of me well it's not going to suck it self I pulled his pants down he stepped out he was semi hard and my mouth was open he put it in and held my head he throated me with his eight inches after a while he said on bed ass up. So on the bed I got he lubed up and spanked my ass then he put the head in and said you are going to be fucked so hard I wanted this all week. Go on I said. So once the head was in he pounded holding hips slamming in calling me names and going hard he then pulled out pulled ass cheeks apart and in he went one thrust balls deep you Ike that slut mmmmmmm yes. He then pushed head into pillow and pounded hard he was perfect he pulled out told me to lay on back he then throated me as he wanked me. Then back to ass this went on for half hour until he blew and filled my ass I then sucked him clean and rested he plugged me so it not leak out and said stay on bed there's more but that's another time

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