Bill calling

Bill and I had been chatting online for awhile, slowly getting to know each other and learning about what makes our minds, bodies and souls tick.
Out of the blue, one day Bill asked me to come over to his place for a coffee and chat, he was to be my first buddy, very patient and extremely sensual!!
It was only a short drive and Bill's directions were first class, l turned the last left hand corner and straight into his driveway and stopped in front of his closed single garage door.
Looking around as l walked to the front door the place was neat and tidy.
Knocked on the front door and instantly Bill opened the door with a big smile on his face, exactly as in his profile photos.
"Welcome" come on in he said, Bill was tall over 6 foot, big shouldered and well groomed.
Have a seat and l will make us a coffee. As he disappeared into the kitchen, still asking questions and chatting about the warm weather.
In a flash, Bill was handing me a coffee and sat down beside me on the lounge, still smiling and chatting, during the course of the conversation, Bill explained he had been Gay his whole life and never been with a woman. As the conversation continued, Bill made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed in his presence. After we finished our coffees Bill said he would like to show me around his place, first his patio, with heaps of plants, kitchen and down the hall way to the main bedroom, the room was in complete darkness from the heavy curtains with the only light coming from the TV in the corner.
Bill had previously mentioned he had some video's that he had produced l maybe interested to view. Then Bill gestured he had some excellent massage oil he would like to try out on my back and shoulders. Absolutely was my reply, within a split second my T shirt was off over my head and my shorts and jocks were on the floor, Bill said lay on your stomach a large towel was already set on the bed, as he poured heaps of oil on his hands. I glanced at the TV screen and realised Bill was one of the guys in the video.
Bill was now also naked and rubbing oil into my shoulders and whispering in my ears that I was about to have my boundaries pushed and be milked dry. Bill was definitely telling the truth as l was soon to realise.
After a good 30 minutes, Bill asked me to roll over onto my back, he was now on all fours over the top of me. Bill moved his head down and kissed me gently on the lips, you are a real Scorpio aren't you ...... yes I replied, Bill kissed me again and again each time with alittle more feeling, no tongue just lips. After awhile he moved down my neck and chest to my nipples, a kiss at first, then sucked and nibbled, before going down to my now very hard thick cock, slowly licking the pre-cum off my knob and licking my blue vein and then sucking my knob and slowly consuming my thick hard shaft, Bill is now in his rhythm down and slowly up and back down consuming more and more with each mouth fall, after awhile l tell him l am going to cum and he squeezers my knob with his lips and pushes the blood back from my knob, Bill feels me relax and he starts all over again, a couple of minutes later, l tell him l am definitely going to cum and Bill sucks even harder and the juices start to pump out and Bill takes every bit in his mouth and then swallows, when he lifts his head Bill says l will give you 20 minutes and suck you off again, you have more to give this happens three times. Never before have l been so empty. TBC

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