Koori Ben Wants to Jam Part 11

The door to the single bed dorm was closed. Light shone in from a party at the student union hall through the window. The light gave off more than the outlines of our black and white bodies in the room. I was about to turn onto my knees on the bed, when the friend who gave me a lift, Lisa, opened the door.
"Whoa...! Go for it Tim!" She yelled.
"Knew you were gay! The shy ones always are!"
"Get it in him!"
Ben was still rimming me. Lisa got a full view, as the light poured in from the stairwell.
Lisa just stood there taking it all in. All she kept saying was, "Fuck yeah! Go for it!"
I can't remember when she left. I was in a dream state, as Ben's tongue kept lubing and licking my virgin hole.
I was a much larger frame than Ben, but his adrenaline must have kicked in as I was shunted by him onto my tummy in one quick move.
"Fuck youve got a great bum!", he exclaimed. I wanted to reply that it was all the cycling I had done, but Ben wasn't in a talking mood by now. He never had been.
It hurt for a second. Ben was so eager to fuck me with his Koori cock that the pain was gone in an instant. Plus, I found out later that he was small.
He groaned everytime he pumped his hard cock in.
He only groaned a few times, then let out a massive grunt. I didn't feel him cum inside me, but he must have. That last grunt, though, really sobered me up. He slid out quickly. I put my fingers to my hole and it felt really slimy.
"Now to taste that white cum", said Ben. He gently turned me around.
I had lost a lot of hardness. But as Ben started licking the base of my white cock, it swelled again.
My cock would have rocked to the beat of my heart. But Ben's black hand held my cock at the base as he licked me from the base to the shaft . All I could see was his curly hair as he sucked my pearl cock.I came so quickly and Ben seemed to swallow my cum all in one go. He bit me on the inner thigh, as an afterthought.
"Lisa has my number", I said meekly as Ben started to leave. I never heard from him. Lisa would later tell me that she stayed to watch the whole thing in the shadows. The noise of the party drowned out her further commentary. Thanks to Lisa, Ben sucked my cock dry. He was going to leave, but Lisa said she wanted to watch him go down on me.
Ben went into politics, I heard; and I became a Bi guy.

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