Old homeless stranger

I have seen this old man park his old car in one spot every day. this is an old carpark I also use to park my car when I want to go for a run. Not many people use it since it does not have heavy flow of traffic. it looks abandoned.
This man does not get out of his car. He is in his car the whole time. He sometimes drives away and comes back within an hour or less. From my observation I have noticed that the old man is unkept and clearly had been homeless for a while.
His car was his home.
One day I noticed he kept starting at me. As he was staring I notice his body was shaking a bit, He was smiling and i realised he was masturbating. Wow I was in shock but I got in my car and left.
at around 10pm I was wondering if the man is still there. I got into my car and drove down.
As I approached the carpark I could see his car. He was there. no one else around. Carpark was also poorly lit.
I parked my car and walked out pretending I am doing something in my boot. I could feel that he was watching me.
and then he called out "hey boy, what are you doing here so late, came to see me?"

I replied "oh hey i didn't know you are still here" as I approached his old rusty car.
as I got closer he had a light on in his car and I could see the mess. the car looked like a pig sty.
he unlocked the door and I got in. I noticed he started touching his crotch. he was horny. then he just said it "how about you suck this old man off?" as he unzipped his old jeans his hairy guy flopped out and his hairy penis was barely visible. He started stroking it and I realised I had to suck him off. I lent forward, and as I did , his cock had a nasty smell to it but it didn't phase me. I don't mind a bit of a smell. Smell of cock and balls always turned me on. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. His gut was resting on my face as I sucked and massaged his hairy nuts.

30 sec into it he said :"Im cuming you bitch keep sucking"
I kept sucking and I could feel the thick load pasting my mouth and throat. There was so much cum and I could feel his nuts spasm as more came out.
This man had it saved for days. It took me a while to swallow as it was thick and the taste was off, but I did it.
Afterwards I cleaned him up with my mouth and made sure no cum was left behind.
his foreskin was clean, his nuts empty.

I walked out and said thank you.
He told me to be back again the next day.

And I will be back for sure. The smell and taste of his cum is still in my mouth

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