Koori Ben Wants to Jam

Partly true:
I was invited to a uni college party by a friend when in my early twenties Got a lift, so got drunk quickly.
Started talking to a Koori guy (Ben) about my time up north helping out the communities. He was all ears.
We were sitting down in the communal area of the shared rooms. I crossed my legs. I was wearing torn jeans, exposing my very white legs.
He kept staring at them.
I got up to get a beer and started milling around elsewhere. Half an hour later, someone pinches my bum as they walk behind me - it's Ben.
I look towards him and, in my drunken state, say 'Alright!'
Soon enough, Ben appears back and says with an assertive voice, " I want to jam you, Tim!"
Was it the beer, or did I think what I was saying next?
"Do you want some cream with that jam?"
"Sure!", Ben replied.
He grabbed my arse again and led me by the hand to a room up a half flight of stairs. Went straight for my jeans and they dropped. I was already hard by then. He then took his t shirt off and put my hand on his crotch. I don't know why, but I took my underwear off and fell back on the bed - sitting at the edge. Ben knelt. His beautiful lips, curly dark hair and skin made me harder.
Cupping my balls, Ben kissed my knee, then my thigh, then tongued the base of my white cock. Slowly moving up to the rim of my head.
"Never sucked such a white fella", Ben said with a more aggressive tone. A fibre of pre-cum went from my cock to his lips as he withdrew his mouth from my cock base. This made him say, " You taste different. "
I knew what he wanted. He wanted to "jam" me. So I tried hard not to cum. I wanted to cum in his mouth after being jammed.
His head went down to my cock base, but it kept going. He wanted to lube me with spit and prep me with a rimming before fucking me.
"Turn over!"
I did and he kept rimming and putting two fingers inside.
I wanted to see the look on his face, but I knew this first time I wouldn'tbe able to.
To be continued...maybe.

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