Sensual massage

A True Story

I regularly went to a local massage place for a remedial sports massage. I had found a good masseur named Vinnie. After visiting several times, I was told Vinnie had left the place, so I asked if they had any other good male masseurs. They said yes and I was introduced to Wen. He was late 20's, tall, slim and handsome Chinese man.
I felt instantly aroused by my first massage with him. During the massage my cock was so hard and I felt the pre-cum leaking from it. The massage was also very good, one of the best I have had.
After a few visits, I got the courage to go completely naked and see what would happen. The massage started and he said nothing - just proceeded with massaging my back and shoulders. When it was time to turn over, I was so hard I was almost ready to cum just thinking about what might happen. I lay on my back with my hard cock showing through the towel - I am sure he noticed. As he worked on my neck and then legs he moved the towel to expose my hard cock - and he started to rub it gently - this almost instantly put me over the edge but I held on.
He continued to stroke my cock and I was so hard - eventually I could not hold on anymore and I blew a large load all over me. It was fantastic.
This continued on for many more visits. Then one day I received a text from Wen saying he was now working from home. I was excited and dreamed of what could happen.
On my second visit, I drummed up the courage to start touching him whilst he massaged me. I rubbed his cock over his pants and to my surprise, felt a cock that was hard. My massage continued and when I turned over onto my back, he removed the towel completely and started to suck my cock, licking my pre-cum and smiled at me. I managed to hold onto my load and grabbed his waist and slid my hand up his shirt and then down into his jocks.
Again he surprised me by quickly undressing and exposing his thick 7inch cock. It was awesome. I proceeded to lick and suck his delicious cock and balls and he was very hard. I sprung up off the table to get better access to his delicious manhood. His body was so hot too and I felt his check and stomach and his butt cheeks - which were small and tight.
I motioned for him to get onto the massage table and continued to suck his cock, balls and body. I licked near his balls at the side of his cock and he was moaning which turned me on even more. He was so turned on and I could sense that he was going to cum so I sucked harder and harder and he blew his load in my mouth - it was the first time for me getting cum in my mouth and it tasted so good.
I then moved down the table and his mouth found my cock and he sucked me some more - man it was good. Pure freedom. I withdrew just before climax and blew all over his gorgeous body.
This had now happened a few times and has been awesome. I now want to move it to the next stage and either fuck his tight arse or have his huge cock fuck me good - stay tuned.......

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