awkward first time that felt great

A Fantasy

It was the summer before leaving for Uni. I was young and he was younger, but not by much. I was naive; he was inexperienced but knew what he wanted. We had been friends a long time and had often talked about girls but never boys.
He was gorgeous; red hair, fair skin and freckles with soft sandy body hair. You would say he was well developed for his age, in body hair, build, and smell.
I, on the other hand, am of Mediterranean background. Olive skin, thin build, brown hair and big brown eyes.
I remember the day well. It was hot and we had been skinny dipping in creeks and dams as we hiked around the farms in our area. It was peaceful and quiet , secluded and we had done it plenty of times before.
We had got out of a dam that was quiet cold, clean clear water with a reasonably grassy bank. Which was not usually like that but we had good rain in spring and obviously the paddock hadn't been used by cattle since.
We had both layed on our backs on the bank starkers. I don't know if it was the steam l noticed first coming off his body as he dried in the sun or the semi erection he had.
But he caught me staring at his erection. He didn't say anything, just gave it a rub and instantly it grew.
I rolled on my side to watch without a word. We seemed happy that way. While he stroked his penis three or 4 times slowly, leisurely not with any agenda. He squinted in the sun light and looked contented as he watched me.
When he stopped rubbing, l hesitated, and then reached half way across to him. He gently took my hand and placed it on the knob of his cock. I could smell him, feel his warmth and was watching his fine sandy coloured body hair move with his breathing.
He stopped looking at me, layed his head back and started breathing heavily. There was no grunts or words, I wasn't very good at masturbating others obviously now, but he was enjoying it for sure. There was precum, I felt it and smelt it.
If only I had the confidence than to taste it.
I had a hard on that was throbbing. My balls felt as heavy as they had ever been. I was nervous, scared but very excited.
He rolled his head to look at me. I lifted my gaze from his wet cock and look back at him with a smile.
He took my hand from his penis and rolled me over with it, so I was on my stomach. I kept my face down, probably out of embarrassment as he rolled in beside me. I felt his hard on laying on my butt cheeks. I didn't know it at the time, but I think now that he was spitting on his hand and rubbing it on his erection. He rolled on top of me, and it felt great, just like the times we would fight or be playing football. But this time he lifted half his body weight up and tried awfully hard to insert himself into me.
I'm not going to lie. It hurt like hell. He fumbled. I didn't know how to help. But I was still enjoying it. He's large body on mine, his smell and l had the hand I used to masturbate him with resting under my nose and mouth. I've loved precum ever since.
Eventually he gave up trying to make love to me and simply dry humped my butt crack.
It was the best feeling, and he was getting into it now after the frustration, and had wrapped his legs outside of mine. We were sweaty, my arse felt rubbed raw and he was grinding and quietly grunting in my ear. Then I felt it. He stopped moving. I felt his penis twitching between us and felt the goo in splatters on my lower back.
We didn't talk but just layed. I was chaffed and sticky but felt at ease feeling him breathing on me. Then without warning he kissed my cheek and rolled off and got up to dress. So I did the same.
We were both sticky and I definitely had lumps of his cream on my back but we didn't swim again. We walked home and talked as it never happened.
We never did it again. Stayed friends for a while but went separate ways eventually and lost touch

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