The lost hand

A Fantasy

I called my boyfriend on my mobile knowing he was expecting my call.

”So are you about to fuck him?” he said as I tried to concentrate on what he was saying while I was being fucked from behind.

”Its happening right now babe,” I said as my ass was being filled with cock.

“You’re being fucked right now? Holy shit, I wasn’t expecting that. I thought you were going to call me before it happened.”

”He wanted me to call you while he was fucking me,” I said.

“Of course he did. Fuck, why did I make that stupid bet. I honestly thought I couldn’t lose that hand.”

”Yeah and so you went all in and bet your boyfriend on a hand of poker when you couldn’t cover the bet, and then you lost and so here we are,” I said purposely reminding him why he was listening to his boyfriend get fucked from behind by another guy.

“Oh frank I’m so sorry. I’m a fucking idiot. I can’t believe you’re having to do this because of me,” he said sounding suitably remorseful.

“Don’t worry about it babe, it’s not so bad. Actually feels quite nice,” I said as the guy behind me was giving me long slow deep thrusts.

“Feels nice? Fuck! It feels better than me?” he said sounding suddenly panicked. I figured this was my chance for a little payback.

“Well I have to admit his cock really does feel pretty great. Mmmm and he’s starting to hit the spot,” I replied with a long moan.

“Oh god, is he gonna make you orgasm frank?” he said.

“Mmmm I’m thinking if he continues at this pace it’s a definite fucking possibility,” I gasped into the phone.

“Oh fuck, how close are you? Is your cock leaking pre cum ?” he asked me and as he spoke I thought I heard the sound of a zipper.

“Fuck me harder, oh god fuck me harder!” I squealed back to the guy who was pounding my ass. I could hear my boyfriend was jerking off as he listened to me and the idea that he was turned on by me being fucked by another man was getting me hotter.

“frank! Oh god I need you to cum on his cock. I want to hear you squeal like a horny little slut when he makes you cum!” he gasped into the phone as he must have been jerking himself off ever harder.

“Oh babe I’m so close! I’m gonna cum! I’m CUMMMINGGGGGG!” I screamed into the phone as my ass clenched around the guys shaft as he pumped me so deep and so hard. As my own orgasm rocked me I could hear my boyfriend crying out as he shot his load as he listened to me cumming on another mans cock. The guy pounding me wasn’t far behind us and suddenly grabbed my hips harder and slammed deep as he came hard into my ass and by how hard he seemed to be cumming I was glad I had insisted
on him using a condom.

After the guy had finished inside me I grabbed my clothes and got dressed, quickly leaving as I was desperate to get back to my boyfriend and I knew for sure as soon as I got home we would be fucking 

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