His husband

A Fantasy

Josh was an older married man and he was also my current conquest. He was the husband of my boss Brad. He had been trying to make my life hell at work ever since he joined the company 6 months ago. Brian immediately seemed to dislike me as soon as we met and seeing as I had never done anything to him that would explain his dislike of me I figured it was just because I was younger and better looking.

One day Brian’s husband showed up at the end of the day to take him out to dinner and of course he decided to show him off to me. His name was Josh and he was admittedly a very attractive older man and Brian made sure to let me know how successful he had been in his career, and he made a point of asking him which of his sports cars he had drove here to pick him up. He was having so much fun bragging about him to me that he failed to notice the way he was checking me out as he droned on, but I sure noticed and it put a very naughty idea in my head.

After they left for dinner I checked his office and managed to find Josh’s mobile phone number. The following day I started sending Josh little messages and a few suggestive selfies that I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist. Sure enough he started messaging me back with flirty comments and it wasn’t long before he had invited me to meet him for a drink at a fancy downtown hotel. I knew Brian was working late as he had a shareholders meeting and obviously Josh knew this too.

I met up with Josh in the hotel bar and after a couple drinks he suggested he pay for a room so we could have a little more privacy. This was my chance to get a little payback for how his husband and my boss Brian had tried to make my life hell for the past few months. As soon as we got up to the room we kicked off our shoes and climbed onto the bed together, our hands wandering all over each other as we kissed.

Josh was a very handsome man and as my hands wandered over his shirt I could feel what a great physique he had. I wanted him so badly and the fact he was Brian’s husband and he was about to cheat on him with me just made me ever more horny for him. We were soon naked and Josh wanted me down on my tummy so he could mount me. I was so hot for him and the moment he slowly slid his cock inside me made my eyes roll back in my head from the feeling of pure ecstasy.

He started fucking me slowly at first. Long deep strokes making me feel every thick once of his sexy cock. I loved the feeling of his body against mine as he fucked me. Josh was whispering into my ear as he took me, telling me how amazing he thought my body was and how my ass felt so incredible around his married cock. I moaned with pleasure as he fucked me telling him how badly I needed him to fuck me, how I loved his cock thrusting so deep inside me, how I wanted to scream his name while cumming on his cock.

He adjusted his position so he could start fucking me harder, thrusting deeper and faster into my ass as he used my body to cheat on his husband. My ass clenched around his cock as he gave me a wonderful orgasm as his cock plunged deep into me, Josh gasped and cried out with orgasmic bliss as I felt him pull out and spray his seed over my ass cheeks. The sounds of him in the throes of orgasm as I felt his cum splash onto my skin was heavenly. As the last drops of his cum dripped onto my ass he kissed me and his hand caressed my chest.

I had got payback on my boss Brian by fucking his husband and I knew from the way Josh was kissing me that he was not going to be giving up secret sex dates with me any time soon

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