My bestie

A Fantasy

My friend Megan and I were hanging out at her place one weekend and the conversation switched to her new shoes. She was telling me about these sexy new heels she had just bought. We headed up to her bedroom so I could look at the shoes and the rest of her collection of high heels.

“Damn, you have so many shoes Megan,” i said as i rooted around in her walk in closet. I grabbed a red shoe box from the top shelf and opened it.

“Oh god, sorry Megan. I thought it was another box of shoes,” i said as i stood holding her secret box of sex toys. She laughed at the look on my face as i stood there peeking into the box.

“It’s ok, you can check them out if you like. I’m not embarrassed,” she said as she laughed again. I peeked into the box and saw a couple vibrators, a very big dildo, some hand cuffs, and a strap on dildo set. It was the strap on that i picked up and stared at.

“Oh wow, have you ever used this?” i said as it dangled between us in my hand.

“Yeah quite a few times. It’s sexy as fuck to use on somebody. You think it’s hot?” she asked me as she watched for my reaction.

“Well um... yeah kinda,” i said as I bit my bottom lip and glanced at her coyly. The look on my face and my answer suddenly did something to her . I had always been attracted to Megan but suddenly I was overcome with feelings of lust for her. I wanted her to fuck me. Not just wanted... I needed her to fuck me.

She walked closer to me and stared into my eyes as i dropped the box of toys. She gently pushed me against the wall taking the strap on from me and dangling it in front of my face.

“Do you want to find out just how hot as fuck this is to play with ?” she said as I looked into her eyes. I just melted in front of her . She knew i had mentioned that i had submissive tendencies before but the way she suddenly looked at me made me want her to make me her slut right there and then.

“Yes Megan...” i said softly.

“Take off your clothes and get on my bed... NOW!” she ordered and i slid from against the wall and immediately started undressing. She took her own clothes off as she watched me strip for her. I lay naked on her bed looking at her in anticipation as she started to fasten the strap on dildo around her waist and thighs.

“Rub that lube on your ass Frank. Open your legs and shove your fingers inside yourself. I wanna watch you finger your self,” she said as she stood at the side of the bed with the big dildo cock sticking out from her crotch. As i started playing with myself she slid her fingers along the big dildo as if it was a real cock. Pretending to jerk herself off like so many guys had done as I had watched them. I couldn’t take my eyes off her hand sliding back and forth along the cock. I had my legs spread and my knees bent as i moaned and fingered myself hard for her. She could see my fingers were glistening from how wet i was.

She climbed on the bed beside me and bent down so she could slide her tongue up my wet slit. Tasting me as she pulled my hand away i moaned hard.

“You want me to fuck you don’t you Frank? You want to be my little slut don’t you? Say it,” she said as she knelt beside me sliding her hand along the cock. I stared up at her and reached up for the cock. I grabbed it.

“Megan fuck me please,” i moaned softly. She pulled me up and turned me around so i was on all fours and she knelt behind me. She told me that my ass looked so sexy as i looked back at her . She held the cock and pushed the tip just inside my ass. Just a couple of inches at first. As she Watched my ass close around the end of the cock she moaned that it was so damn sexy. Telling me It was hot thinking how guys must watch the same thing as they push their cocks inside me. Listening to me moan she pushed deeper into my ass, then giving me all of it as she grabbed my hips and pulled me back as she thrusted into me.

“Oooohh my god.... Megan fuck me,” i gasped as she thrusted harder inside me . She arched her back and I pulled me deeper onto the cock, as far as she could get it inside me . She grabbed my shoulders as she fucked me , rolling her hips as she fucked her friend for the first time. I was moaning and rocking back against her thrusts, the cock sliding so deep, fucking my tight wet ass.

“You’re my little slutty whore who needs me to fuck his ass so hard... Say it... Say it bitch!” she screamed as she ran her fingernails down the my back until she was grabbing my hips again.

“Ooohhh god I’m your whore... your slut... Megan oh please... I wanna cum!” i squealed as my back arched and i threw my head back. I screamed out and started cumming. She kept fucking me as i squealed and whimpered, my legs trembling my cock throbbing as my orgasm washed over me . I started falling forwards as i came and she tried to pull me back up but i collapsed onto my tummy as I fell over , the cock still buried deep inside my wet ass . She put her hand on my back to hold me down as she started fucking me even harder. Slamming my cock against the bed as i screamed and cum again.

“You’re mine . My horny little slut. Cum for me Frank,” she gasped as she pounded into me . I grabbed the edge of the bed and moaned louder and louder, panting and calling out her name.

“Megan please... please... I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” i screamed as she pushed down and held the cock so deep inside my spasming ass. My body trembling under her . She Watched and listened to me cum with out touching me cock she told me it was so fucking hot. She lay on top of me with the cock still inside me , kissing my neck and shoulders, hearing my soft whimpers.

“You ok babe?” she whispered as she lay against me as my ass quivered around the cock still deep inside me.

“Hold me ,” i whimpered as she pulled the cock out and turned me over. Wrapping our arms around each other, our legs entwined as she held me . Then I slid my hand between her legs and started to caress her pussy.

“Megan tell me how to please you. I need to please you,” i whispered and looked at her submissively.

“Ever lick pussy before bitch?”

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