My bestie and her man

A Fantasy

My friend Megan and I were sitting at a coffee shop taking a break from walking around the shops buying clothes. She started telling me how she had been trying to think of the perfect birthday gift to get for her new boyfriend, but the one thing he really wanted she didn’t know how to make it happen.

“So what is it he really wants?” I asked her as I pulled apart the delicious cinnamon bun I was enjoying with my coffee. Megan suddenly blushed and looked a little embarrassed.

“Hey, don’t go all shy on me now missy,” I joked as I smiled at her.

“I’m not. It’s just... well it’s a little personal. It’s kind of a sex thing,” she whispered across the table. I gave her a surprised look and leaned in closer as I sipped my coffee.

“Ooh now this just got interesting. What kind of a sex thing?” I asked and then glanced around realizing I probably said that a little too loudly.

“Well he wants a threesome with a guy,” she said as she looked into my eyes.

“Oh god, seriously? So how are you going to find a guy to share with him?” I asked her as she started smiling at me.

“Well actually Frank, I was thinking maybe you?” she said coyly. I stared at her with wide eyes after nearly spitting my mouth full of coffee out.

“You’ve told me you had done a threesome before so I thought maybe you would like to try it again,” she said as she looked at me hopefully.

“But that would mean you and I would have to get intimate together Megan. You’re cool with that?” I asked. As I spoke she slid her hand across the table and moved it over mine.

“Yeah I’m totally cool with that Frank,” she said as she squeezed my hand. I gave her a naughty little smile as we held hands. I hadn’t even met her new boyfriend yet I suddenly remembered.

“So what’s this guy like? What’s his name?” I asked as I looked at my friend in a whole new light.

“He’s a great guy and I know you will like him. His name is Danny and he has a really sexy cock,” she said and grinned at me. Now it was my turn to blush.

A few days later it was his birthday. Megan had told me to come over to their place before Danny got home. We opened a bottle of wine and got ready for him. She got changed into cute little panty and bra set we had bough the other day i stripped to my boxers then we sat on the bed and held hands as we heard his car pull up. We heard him walk into the kitchen where we had left him a note on the counter telling him to come up to the bedroom. A few moments later we listened as he walked up the stairs and down the hall to the bedroom. The look on his face as he walked into the bedroom and saw Megan I sitting together in our underwear was absolutely priceless.

“What is this?” he said as he smiled at us both.

“This is my best friend Frank and we are your birthday gift baby,” said Megan as she turned to me and gave me a kiss as he stared at us.

“Oh my god!” he gasped as he stood in the doorway watching his girlfriend kissing me. His eyes almost popping out of his head. We broke the kiss and looked back at him, both of us instantly noticing the sudden huge bulge that was now obvious in his pants. Megan moved over slightly and patted the bed in between us. Danny sat down between us and put one of his hands on Megan's thigh. He seemed nervous about touching me so I took his other hand and placed it on my thigh. He moaned a little and started sliding his hands up our legs until he rested his hands over our crotchs.

He kissed Megan then turned to me and he kissed me for the first time. He started rubbing her pussie & my cock as we both undressed him. First of all taking his shirt off then we started working on his pants. He stood up so we could slide his pants down and thats when his cock sprung out big and hard. Megan looked at me and grinned as her boyfriend stood in front of us naked. She moved her hand to his cock and pulled him between us until he fell back on the bed.

He lay there looking from one of us to the other as we crawled onto the bed either side of him. Sliding our hands slowly up his spread legs. Letting our fingers trail over his skin as our hands moved up between his legs, both of us teasing his cock by sliding a fingertip from the tip down to his balls.

“Holy fuck ” he groaned as we watched his cock twitch from our teasing touches. We leaned over him and started placing soft kisses over the head of his cock as we listened to his moans of anticipation.

As our lips met at the tip of his cock we kissed each other, letting our hands slide around his cock. We slowly stroked his hard cock as Megan and I kissed, letting our tongues slip into each other’s mouths.

“Hottest thing I’ve ever seen, oh my god... ” he groaned as we stopped kissing and smiled at him.

“You mean even hotter than this?” I said as Megan slid her mouth over his cock and I took one his balls between my lips. He moaned as we sucked his cock and his balls and reached out to slide his hands over our bodies. He caressed us and felt our hard nipples under his fingers. We switched so I started sucking his cock and Megan licked and sucked his balls into her mouth. He was groaning with moans of pleasure as his fingers played in our hair. We sucked and stroked his cock until he started begging us to make him cum. But we had other plans for him before we would let him cum.

“So whose do you want on your cock first baby?” Megan asked him and he looked at both of us like it was the hardest question any man had ever been asked in all of history. We didn’t wait for him to answer as Megan crawled over and straddled his cock and I slid up until I straddled his face. Megan slowly sank down onto her boyfriends cock as he moaned out with the pleasure of feeling her pussy slowly enveloping him. I lifted my leg over his head then lowered my cock to his mouth. I gasped as I felt his tongue flicking against my cock as Megan starting riding her mans hard cock.

“Mmmmm oh Danny suck me... oh yes. So fucking hot watching your gorgeous girlfriend bouncing up and down that big cock Danny. Mmm grab her tits as they bounce up and down,” I moaned as his tongue licked up and down my shaft. He reached up and squeezed Megan’s tits as she rode him hard. I was grinding my cock against his mouth as he started flicking his tongue against my tip.

“Oh yes yes yessss I’m going to cum,” Megan screamed as she threw her head back and bounced up and down his cock. He was thrusting up into her wanting to cum inside her but as Megan’s orgasm rocked her body she pulled off him before he could explode inside her. She fell onto her back and begged me to lick her as her body shuddered. I dove between her legs and licked her pussy, sucking her clit as she screamed and came against my mouth. Danny was watching his girlfriend scream as her orgasm ripped through her. His cock was throbbing harder than it ever had before as he got behind me and pushed it between my waiting ass , grabbing my hips and slamming deep inside me as Megan grabbed my head and held me between her legs as she came over and over.

“Frank! I fucking need you!” he yelled out as he fucked me harder and harder. I moaned hard as I licked up Megan’s cum from her soaked pussy. Then slid up and drove my cock into her soaked pussy with His cock slamming so deep as my tight ass gripped his shaft. I squealed into Megan’s mouth as I started cumming in her while on her boyfriends cock as he fucked the hell out of me. As my body trembled from my orgasm he suddenly pulled out and roared out in ecstasy as he pumped his cock and started spraying his seed all over my ass and back. Jets of his cum splashing over my body and into my hair, over Megan’s tummy and tits as she moaned hard.

The three of us collapsing into a heap on the bed, panting and gasping from cumming so hard together. He pulled both of us into his arms and held us against him as we came down slowly.

“Best... Gift... Ever!” he said as we all cuddled up together and fell asleep in each other’s arms

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