Back on the Horse

A True Story

I'd been chatting to this guy online for a while and I felt very attracted to him, I'd seen other guys before but it had been a while and I'd been craving some sensual fun, it was a fairly spontaneous arrangement I'd been working from home and sent him a text to see if he was keen, we agreed to meet later that day.

You never really know how the first meet is going to work out, so I did all the right things and got myself all ready and had all the necessaries prepared. I was so aroused before hand and could have exploded in my pants and was instantly hard when he knocked on door, I could not believe how lucky I'd got, my hands went to his waist and I gave hi e a big deep kiss, our tounge sliding into each other's mouths, I took his hand and took him to the bedroom.

I don't think either of us could wait to undress each other, we fumbled with our belts as we tried to get our clothes off, to finally reveal a beautifully proportioned cut cock, I immeadiatelybgot on my knees and gave him a big welcome suck, before I kissed home again, my hands fondling his balls and cock as we lay on the bed.

We continue to kiss as our hands explore each other's bodies, we both slowly start turning as we kiss each other's nipples and bodies and work down to suck each other's cocks, it all feeling so natural like we'd done 100 times before, as our lips and tounge massage each others shaft we slide our fingers into each other's soft warm holes fingering each other deeply, I think we both groan at same time with pleasure. We are both getting very excited and I think both of us want to explode, I know I do, sensing this he rolls on top of me and we kiss deeply, our cocks pushing into each other with deep sensual passion.... it feels so good.

We stop kissing and he slides forward a little before sliding backwards onto my hard shaft, normally I need to have a couple attempts to find the hole but today my cock slides straight in and he groans with please, we look each other in eye as he starts riding up and down on me, as he thrusts deeply out balls slap together, I start massaging his cock as he rides me harder and deeper, my balls are buzzing they need to explode, I groan and look him in the eyes again as I squeeze his cock, I can see the precum ooozing from him, we are both groaning out load, I need to let go, my balls excplode shooting my hot cum into this sexy man, at the same time , almost perfectly his balls explode, shooting his load over my chest, with some just reaching my mouth, I squeeze his cock rubbing my fingers through his cum and up into my mouth, he tastes so good.

He lays down on top of me, we god each other, we kiss

The perfect way to get back on the horse.

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