Too quick to feel it

A True Story

Well this was my first ever try. Almost 20 years ago, in 2003. When I was in early 20s. I always had bottom feelings and still have but I’m always known as straight guy. I was fingering myself, inserting objects like cucumber etc however it was never enough to understand how would be the real one. While I was wondering it, I met with someone same age as me on the Internet. We were chatting almost every night. I was asking and he was answering. I didn’t know anything about such intercourses so I kept asking him questions. He was patiently answering them. 2 weeks after we started to chat he offered me to do video chat. I was hesitant to show my face at that stage. He said it is okay to hide my face. I had a snow mask the one only has holes for eyes and mouth. Put that on and started the video chat.

He was very relaxed. Playing with his tool. It was around 15cm and thicker than the average. He asked me to show my ass. I went onto all 4 on front of the camera. He was telling me how beautiful my ass is etc. then he told me to finger myself. I got a cream and wiped some around my hole and around my middle finger then inserted it in, played a bit then he ordered to put two. I complied with it and inserted two fingers. Played some time in and out and twisting the fingers in my hole. he was stroking while watching me. He then said better to put another finger in because his dick is thick so if I want to take it easily without pain 3 fingers will be needed to open and loosen the hole. I did that. Muscles around the entry of my hole weren’t functioning well and would accept him in easily. He asked me to sit on front of the camera while facing the camera and lean a bit back, pull my legs towards my body. This way I could see him and he could see my hole. I continued fingering myself. He was stroking fast, it was obvious that he was about to cum. 10-15 seconds later he exploded. He kept pumping sperm out. I have never seen such amount of cumming until that day. Big amount of sperm was coming out each squirting. His sperm was very viscous and sticky. Where they went they were stucked. Didn’t dropped on the floor. Mine is more watery.

After few more days of chatting I finally made my decision and decided to host him at my place. Plans were done. I had to pick him up from the near by bus stop but also had to do some bowel cleaning before hand. I didn’t want to do while he was in the house. Throughly cleaned myself, had a shower, put some casual things on. When the time came, I went to the bus stop. Waited around 5 minutes and the bus came so he did. He didn’t know my face so I approached him and greeted. House was minute or two away from the bus stop. Arrived home and invited him inside.

We sat next to each other and had a meaningless chat for few minutes. We came together for a reason but I was very nervous. I told him not to wait for me to start and it was better for him to guide us. He said let’s start with getting naked and started to take his clothes of, I followed him. Soon after we were both naked. He reached and grabbed my dick. Our dicks were both half way up. I reached his one and started playing with it. It swollen to its full thickness in my hand. After few minutes playing he asked me to bring a cream if I have. I went and brought it. He held my hand and pulled me while he was lying down on his back on the floor. I followed him. I was kneeling next to him until he instructed to suck his dick. I was going to lean towards his dick but he asked me to go over him to do 69. I did. I was facing his dick. I didn’t know what to do fully but I knew that putting it into my mouth was the first thing which I did. It was hot. I sucked the head of it and slowly put more into my mouth. My saliva was dripping from my mouth and running down from his balls. He was shaven all around pubic area and was very clean. He did sucked mine for little then opened the cream and applied some to my hole. I felt his finger going in my hole. It was a different feeling compared to me doing to same thing to myself. One finger followed two and then three. He was taking his time before increasing the finger count. Nicely and slowly prepared me. When he thought that I was ready he told me to go on all fours. He came behind me and creamed my hole and his dick. there was a little problem. He was at least 20cm shorter than me. His dick couldn’t reach my hole comfortably with doggy style. I asked him to lie down on his back so I could sit on it. It was better for me so I could control the initial entry. He did and I lowered myself on him. Reached and grabbed his dick, lined it up with my hole and slowly started to sit on it. Head entered without an issue. He loosed me up well. I took it all the way and left myself on him. He grabbed my but chicks and pulled them to each side. That way I could sit little more. In slow motion style I began to go up and down. Feeling was wonderful. I went up and down but not for long. He asked me to jump as fast as I could do. I started jumping on it. Maybe 2 or 3 minutes later he suddenly stopped me, pulled me down firmly towards his dick to put it all the way in. Stayed like that. I felt the throbbing of his dick and first few of hot squirtings in me. We stayed like that for a while. He asked me to get up. We both got up. He went to bathroom. I lied down on the floor on my face while I was waiting for him. I wanted to keep his sperm in me. He came back and told me that he had to go. 5 minutes fuck and he was going. I was upset as I wasn’t expecting that. I thought we were going to spend the night together but he wanted to go. He dressed up and thank me before he left my home. I was still naked. I realised that his sperm was still in my hole. I sat down and finished myself by thinking that 5 minutes experience. I think I was too much excited so I came a lot. Once my heart rate gone back to normal I went to bathroom to have shower. On the way to bathroom I felt his sperms were coming out slowly.

Never talked to him again to punish him for leaving early that night…

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