First time in bathhouse in Sydney

A True Story

It was daunting for me to visit one Sydney's men's bath house for first time. It's the one in Chinatown. Once through the doors, a long staircase walk to next level to pay entry at the pay booth, and the door is buzzed to let me enter with a towel and locker key. It was abit strange to strip and get stares from other men in the change room, and then I proceed down the corridor wit my towel around my waist to checkout three levels of the bathhouse. I found a sauna, showered first, then hang my towel outside, and entered the empty steamed sauna. I sat and waited to see what happens next. Being my first time in a bathhouse, I was hesitant, but curious. Also, I had never had gay interaction previously, but I was horny and wanted to know how it felt to be playing with another man. A guy about my age came into the small sauna, and sat next to me. I had my eyes half closed, not knowing the protocol. I did read all the rules as to how politely refuse. I did not refuse when this man, who looked middle eastern and average build, lightly touched my nipple. I was not sure what to do next. I did not know how to accept nor reject his advances. He did not stay long when I gave no indication to let him continue. After I was alone again, I walked to other levels and found large rooms for group play. There was gay porn shown in a room and other private rooms with doors on same level. I went to watch the gay porn and there were platforms tiered on different levels and walked up to top level and layed down with other men who were single or coupled up. One couple stood up in middle of the room and fucked for everyone to see. I sat near a wall which had holes. One guy must have gone under the room and could look out to see men laying around. He stuck his hand out towards me and began playing with my nipple. I let him do it, and looked at him. He knew he was turning me on, and my cock was rock hard. He asked if I was interested in a spa. I nodded and he he said to meet him at the spa. I went to the spa and there were four other guys already inside and sitting around talking. The guy I just met was about 30s, dark hair, Caucasian and medium build. He had a very hard circumcised cock which was thick and around 7 inches. He and I stepped into the spa and we sat next to each oter, but not very close. Without saying anything, he began lightly touching my knee and thigh. He would move towards my hard cock and in front of all, he played with my sensitive nipple and masturbated me at the same time. I could not stop moaning. The others stopped talking and watched me getting pleasure. He kept pleasing me, but made sure I did not cum. I suggested we should take a room. So we got a room, which had a a double black vinyl padded mattress and lubricant and condoms on the wall. We began to embrace and moved our hands around each other's naked bodies. We masturbated each other's hard clocks and whilst standing, we each took turns to suck on one another's cock. When I was on my knees and suckling his cock, my hands rubbed is hairy bottom and he enjoyed the play. We laid down with me on the mattress whilst he moved his hands around my chest and upper body, whilst his other hand ran up and down my legs and rubbed my hard cock also. He kissed me sensually and wit hot tongue. He locked my face, ears, neck, and my nipples. He was raging horny and told me he wanted to fuck me. I told him to go ahead. He put on a condom, put lubricant around my arsehole and slowly entered me. I was on my back, legs straight up and spread. He entered me fully and began pumping me. I have had had much cock, so mumy arse was hurting abit, but the pleasure was there over powering the pain. He was masturbating my cock whilst increasing his pumping my arse. He was telling me he was close to oing, and I told him to keep masturbating me. I played with both my nipples to get off soon. We were both trying to cum at the same time. We did cum so big, with buckets of sweat dripping off our bodies. That was the est fuck I have had.

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