Trying out foreign bathhouses 2

A True Story

Visiting different bathhouses around Hongkong became abit of an addiction. The city is small, and all the bathhouses were conveniently located . On another night, I was so horny, and wanted casual sex with any men who wanted me. I went to a bathhouse located on a backstreet in a small narrow multistorey building which had one elevator. I took the elevator to the required floor , and when the doors opened, I saw a door and buzzed to enter. I paid the entry, got two towels. Saw a very narrow area with lockers. Stripped off and wrapped a towel around me, and began exploring the corridors. The noticeable difference of our bathhouses in Australia and Hongkong are the area sizes. This one was more narrower and smaller rooms. There were three levels, and at the bottom, I found the wet room and sauna, there were shower heads outside the sauna, and I showered before entering the very dark sauna. I could not see a thing. The only light was coming faintly through the frosty glass of the sauna door. I had to walk slowly around the dark. I did not want to bump into someone. Once my eyes got used to the pitch black, i could see there were were not alot of seating in the small sauna. I walked towards a wall, and stood there and waited. I saw some other dark figures around and guessed they were locals , mostly Chinese men with small slim bodies. Whilst standing in the dark steamy sauna, I felt a hand touch my hardening cock, and at the same time, the guy in front of me began masturbating me. I could not see his face , but I did not care, he was making me feel so good. Then from behind me, two hands reached around and played with my hardened nipples. My sensitive nipples love being touched, and the local man behind me knew how to stimulate my horny nipples. I was in heaven. A third guy to my left side caressed my chest and rubbed my backside, up and down my back. The third guy kept rubbing my front and back. down to my bum and his finger rubbed by asshole. Oh, these three men fucking turned me on, and I have never felt so horny and so good before. This was anonymous gay sex at its best. The guy behind me gently nudged me to bend forward, and I think he wanted to fuck me. I complied. The front guy began sucking me, and boy , he was so good at sucking cock. The guy on my left side took over playing with my hardened nipples and pulled them abit harder. The more I moaned, the more he pulled my nipples. Oh fuck this was so good. The guy behind me inserted his cock into me. He did not have a big cock, but it felt wonderful . I felt like a slut for these three Chinese men. It was so horny. I was wet from the steam. The combined feeling of being fucked, nipples tugged and my raging hardon being sucked was too much to bear, and I came so hard and pumped copious cum into the guy's mouth. He sucked me dry, and then unloaded my own cum into my mouth when he kissed me sensually on my mouth. The guy fucking me also came hard and pulsated into my arsehole. I could feel the hot semen leaking into me. It seemed like a dream because these three guys left after giving me an intense orgasm. I was standing there alone when I came.

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